WWE Heroes #0 – iPhone

WWE Heroes is available as a free standalone app on the iPhone/iPod Touch.
It has been released as a preview for the main series which started this month.
Following my posting of the interview with the writer of the comic, I was intrigued to see how this would fair. To aid me in my quest I asked Kieron, my 11 year old son (and wrestling fan) to read and comment on it. His comments are interspersed in this review.

The story is set in Iraq, during WWE’s annual tribute to the troops show. Mr McMahon watches the matches on his viewscreen – so far so good….
The first match is Randy Orton Vs Chris Jericho

Whaaaat?, Look at Chris Jericho – he’s go muscles on his back!!!

As the story progresses we see Jimmy Snuka, arriving at the arena, and Mr McMahon puts him into the main event with Triple H & The Big Show

Why’s Jimmy Snuka in it? He’s really old, and he doesn’t look like that!

Snuka, obviously possessed beats on all the wrestlers, putting Rey Mysterio Jr Through the ring!
It ends with the thread of the plot dangling.
Kieron was not impressed – when I asked him if he would consider buying issue #1 his answer:


The art is over the top – and not in a good way. This art would only work if all the wrestlers looked like Scott Steiner!
As for the story – I remember the old WCW comic, which was an extension of the TV show, this story could have been done with brand new characters and no one would have noticed – bush league!

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