Zuda April: The Zombie’s Hand

Eddie Cadaver, a local punk/goth rock idol is murdered by his band mates and he re-animates as a flesh-eating ghoul. But in an unexpected twist, Eddie is fully aware and conscious of his actions; he’s nobody’s mindless zombie. After avenging his own murder by devouring his former band, Eddie along with his girlfriend Felony, find themselves on the run through the current American landscape where conspiracy theories, broken families, pop-culture fame, corrupt Televangelists and the never-blinking eye of the internet all look on as Eddie plays out his final draw: The Zombie’s Hand.

This looks like a fun comic. In a comic which has the following elements – punk/goth/death/zombies you expect it to be all dark is art and ‘urrrggghhh’ in story, but it isn’t. The colours match the tone of the comic – darkly comic in all the right places. The story builds up nicely and leaves you at a point with a minnimum of closure. I like the idea of the Zombie on a revenge kick and am intereseted to see where it will go next – added to favourites.
3 1/2 Stars

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