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Published on: May 9, 2010

…and as I write this Chelsea are 1-0 up against Wigan in the Premier League Title Race!

Although as far as the site seems, at the moment, to be a little quiet. I get the feeling that this is the calm before the storm.
I’ve got a number of things lined up in the future – not just for the site, but it will probably be involved in some way!

  • At the end of May its the London Expo – Movies, Manga & Comics. There’s a lot of geek culture there and i’ll probably be going with my son and a few friends. I’ll also be handing out some fliers for 3MillionYears and drum up some support!
  • Digital Strips – The podcast listeners around here may have heard my advert on the Digital Strips podcast recently – I aim to repay the favour and write some words about them this week!
  • Merchandise – i really need to get some more branded goods together. The spreadshirt store is ticking away, but needs some more to it – i’ll probably start promoting individual goods too!
  • Project Pod (I) – I need to get myself an artist – but I have an idea for a POD project which may have legs and go well for the future.
  • Lower on the list is another text based POD project (Project POD II)
  • I also have two comics in mind for the site – one will be starting directly after ‘Alone’ finished and will be a special iPhone made comic. An interesting experiment.
  • The other is a hand drawn comic which may (read: will) take more time. I need more pens!)
  • Also in mind is something I started with my brother, which is a bit of a game and I probably won’t start posting until the end!
  • In conjunction with my brother I also have a short comic – hopefully his day job work will get less and he can finish it for me!
  • I’ve got some thoughts in mind for another comic, and the style – it may be a while though.
  • Marvel, Comixolgy and iVerse all seem to be coming on leaps and bounds with their digital submissions – will DC be left behind – they’ve changed their format for Zuda, but that is all…

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1 Comment
  1. Was 1-0, finished 8-0!!
    Chelsea Champions!

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