Webcomic: All Manner of Bad


I’ve got to admit that I’m not a Zombie fan! But this ‘Walking Dead’ style comic works on a very high level.
All Manner of Bad is tightly scripted with some excellent dialogue. The art can be a little difficult, although that may be me as I seem to have two lazy eyes!

AMOFB Round Up
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Here’s How It All Began

I ain’t sure when it happened, how it happened, or why it happened, but sometime in my formative years I was nibbled upon by the whole “End of the World’ bug. It got under my skin, it filled my head with thoughts, and it did creepy things to my way of thinking.

Yes, I was a bit obsessed about it. Took to reading the glorious World Ending Cold War books that abounded and I loved everyone of them. Nothing like nuclear holocaust on a teenage boy’s mind to make him grow up right.

Then one day… one glorious day, I stumbled across the whole zombie thing.
At first it was the usual, what the hell is this stuff? But then it slowly creeped into my noggin, until one day I was salivating at the thought of more zombie stuff. More. More. More!!!

Then came the whole Zombie Renesaince. Then things began to suck. Then they really began to suck even more. I cannot begin to tell you how much suckage they dipped to in the low and bleak days.

So I figured if things suck this bad, it a good time for inject my lame humor into the mix and kick the dying dog while its down.

And that was how All Manner of Bad was born.

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