Link & Panels: Planetary/Batman: Night on Earth

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Published on: August 1, 2010

With a nice link to the mobile/digital theme to this blog – Comic Book Resources’s Comics Should be Good Year of cool comics have posted about the Planetary/Batman crossover.

Why on here?
Well its available on the DC app by Comixology of course. As the bottom of the article mentions – go and read it!

So in this story, they’re called to Gotham City to investigate a superpowered fellow who is causing some damage – he is messing with reality itself.

Elijah Snow (a guy who can make things cold and one of the three members of Planetary – the other two are the enhanced strength Jakita Wagner and the reality “tuner,” the Drummer) recognizes the effect – it’s something he saw in 1986 – realities collapsing on each other…

You get to see the many types of Batman including Dark Knight and 60’s!

Check it out here

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