WOWIO: Headlocked and Spanish Comics

WOWIO have released some new comics available online and on mobile. Included with the new series are some Spanish translations of existing series:
Headlocked: Convention Special

This is the book that started it all! This was the first glimpse of the world’s first, REAL wrestling comic! Mike Hartman, a college drop-out wants to be a pro-wrestler. This is his journey down a path filled with sex, drugs and violence, both scripted and unscripted! Get this first edition of comics’ first prime-time drama series set in the world of professional wrestling.

Headlocked: The Tryout 01

Picking up where “Headlocked: Work of Art” left off, “Headlocked: The Tryout” follows Mike Hartmann’s journey to become a professional wrestler. After spending a year getting in shape and preparing for his new dream, Mike finds himself in Philadelphia vying for a spot in the Wrestling Academy of Leo “The Legbreaker” London, a hard-nosed, no-nonsense brawler from “the old days” of pro wrestling before the glitz and glamor. Everything he’s worked toward has led to this, will Mike have what it takes to make his dream a reality? Issue 01 features cover art from none other than legendary WWE Hall of Famer Jerry “The King” Lawler!

Aposperos: Merchant of Souls

Aposperos is a Soul-Merchant, when someone sells their soul to the Devil, Aposperos collects the debt. But when he is confronted by a selfless sacrifice, his conscience awakens and sets him on a journey that will turn him against his old masters and reveal the horrible truth behind the soul-trade. A sophisticated thriller with secret societies, mysteries and intrigue.

El Principio (The Beginning)

From Creation to the Fall of Man through the Tower of Babel is told in a Spanish edition.

Moisés (Moses)

Moisés is the Spanish version of Moses, the story of the man God raised up to deliver the Israelites out of Egypt.

Elias (Elijah)

Elias is the story of Elijah in Spanish language edition.

Exodo (Exodus)

Exodo is the Spanish edition of Exodus, the story of the Israelites journey into the Promised Land in 1446 B.C.

Vatican Hustle

NBM launches a stunning new talent whose art is a hilariously grotesque cross between Ralph Steadman, Basil Wolverton and Chester Gould’s bad guys in a resolutely lowbrow sendup of blaxploitation films. When a crime boss’ daughter turns up missing, who’s he gonna call? Boss Karate Black Guy Jones, that’s who, chump!! The two-fisted, karate chopping, crime solving machine is kicking ass and taking names from the gutters of Baltimore all the way to the streets of Rome. No dog’s too big for this cat to take down! Mimes, clowns, drunks, pizza, donkeys, pornography, gambling! Vatican Hustle has it all!

Elephant Man

Baltimore has a great hero. He’s always there just when he’s needed to thwart crime! This marvel is Elephant Man. Yes, none other than the deformed and hideous man himself! But such power and the adulation that follows it begets much jealousy. Before you know it, one of the city’s best known TV anchors, ‘handsome’ Dick Denton and another hideous being fused by some radioactive accident: the Priest, The Rabbi and The Duck, come together to seek his demise and ridicule him in public! Will Elephant Man overcome this new challenge? Another hilariously silly exercise in grotesquery, spoofing superheroes, from the acclaimed brilliant artist of “Vatican Hustle.”

Grimm Fairy Tales Volume 01

For over two hundred years the powerful stories of the Brothers Grimm have enchanted millions around the world but there has never been an adaptation as intriguing or provocative as this…

“Grimm Fairy Tales Volume 1” explores a much darker side of the infamous fables you heard as a child as these classic tales are retold and re-imagined with a terrifying twist you’ll simply love as an adult.

Red Riding Hood is forced to confront the insatiable hunger of terrifying beast; Cinderella seeks a shocking vengeance for the years of torture she’s endured; Hansel & Gretel realize that the problems they left behind at home are nothing compared to the horror that awaits them on their ill-advised journey; A desperate girl makes a deal with the hideous Rumpelstiltskin only to find she may lose much more than she ever imagined; Sleeping Beauty learns that narcissism can be a very gruesome trait to possess and an envious sister finds her extreme measures to capture the man of her dreams may lead to much worse than just heartbreak from the Robber Bridegroom.

Enter a world where morality is constantly tested and the shocking repercussions of one’s choices must always be faced…

Enter the world of Grimm Fairy Tales.

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