DriveThruComics: Podcasts, Aphrodite IX & More

DriveThruComics have released their latest offerings for download this week with a selection of free and paid for material.

Newest Free Products

Secret Identity Podcast Issue #304–McFarlane Toys and Shocker Toys
by Secret Identity

Topics Covered In This Issue: Movies / TV NewsAnne Hathaway is CatwomanJJJ not in new Spidey film?Alien prequel turns into something elseChuck may get fifth season Boob Tube / Big Screen Blitzkrieg:The Middle (Square Dance, Super-Bowl Brick)Hawaii Five-…

Secret Identity Podcast Issue #303–Spawn, Wonder Girl and The Dark Knight
by Secret Identity

Topics Covered In This Issue: Download Location of the Week: Edison, NJ What’s New at Reviews:Spawn #200Batman: The Dark Knight #1Wonder Girl #1Spider-Man #9Batman Brave and the Bold #3 Out of the Longbox:Superman: The Man o…

Dresden Files RPG Casefile: Neutral Grounds
by Evil Hat Productions, LLC

Neutral Grounds: Come for the hot, fresh coffee. Stay for the cold-blooded murder. Two dead barristas … a missing proprietor … ghoul attacks … poser vampires … boy trouble. And it’s your case, whether you like it or not. Better make that a dou…

Secret Identity Podcast Issue #301–Batman Beyond, Jonah Hex and GI Joe
by Secret Identity

Topics Covered In This Issue: Download Location of the Week: San Antonio, TX What’s New at Reviews:Batman Beyond #1Jonah Hex #63GI Joe #25Captain America #613X-Men #6 Out of the Longbox:Star Trek #1 Listener Feedback Send …

Aphrodite IX #0
by Top Cow

Aphrodite IX is the perfect weapon, only she doesn’t know it. She’s programmed to kill and then erases all memory of her mission and her former life, like a reset button was hit in her mind. Now the ideal assassin wants to know who programmed …

Newest Products

Deity – The Darkness and the Light #2
by Visionary Comics
Price: $1.00

Ziggy makes a major decision, though it’s not the one Jamie hoped for. Someone else gets a major revelation concerning Jamie that starts fitting the pieces together. Meanwhile, the battle between The Darkness and the Light and those loyal to Jamie is abou…

Heroic Spotlight #05
by Heroic Publishing
Price: $1.99

In this issue of HEROIC SPOTLIGHT, the spotlight falls on the Olympian goddess of love. Writer Dennis Mallonee and artist E. R. Cruz take you back into the days of the titans in Chapter One of “The Coming of Aphrodite.” Also in this issue: It’s a Tim Burg…

by Ferret Press
Price: $3.99

The Lifelike graphic novel is a diverse collection of slice-of-life stories…and beyond. Each vignette, illustrated by a different artist, presents a glimpse into distinct corners of the world outside our window. Not limited to the cli…

Raytoons Cartoon Avenue Volume 01
by Raytoons
Price: $1.00

Raytoons Cartoon Avenue is a 54-page *genre free* cartooning magazine put together in a book format by a many different artists and writers. In each volume, you’ll find a wide range of story types from a variety of cartoonists and writers, all here to tel…

Quackup: Alternate Appearances
by Raytoons
Price: $2.00

Jonathan Quackup is a superhero of the feathery variety. In this book, he must face a villian that is part virus. The villian’s name is Madre Mutare, THE KNIGHT OF VIRAL DARK!

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