Graphic.Ly: Turning 1 Year Old, Mouse Guard and New Releases

Wow! Graphic,Ly turned one last week!

Adventure Comics #1

Last week, Graphicly turned 1 year old, and what a year it has been! We grew as a company almost 4 fold, we started with zero books in our catalog and no publishers, and ended with more than 1,700 books and 150 publishers. We exhibited at three major Cons: San Diego, Chicago and New York, and release apps on all major platforms (at least in beta).

And none of it was possible without our community.

So as a thanks for the great year, we are giving everyone a free copy of Archaia’s Mouse Guard Winter 1152 #1, (it being winter and all) which has won rave reviews and is getting pretty darn hard to find in print.

And here are the books released over Graphic.Ly’s network this week!

12 Guage

25 to Life #1


Breakneck #1

Massive Awesome #1-2

5th Dimension

Extinction GN

After Hours Press

Parts: The Sitcomic


Awakening HC #1-5

Fraggle Rock V1 HC

Gunnerkrigg Court V1 HC

The Killer V2 #8-10

The Grave Doug Freshley #1-3

Titanium Rain V1 #1-4

The Secret History V1 #5-7

God Machine V1 Preview

Mouse Guard Legends HC

Mouse Guard: Fall 1152 HC

Mouse Guard: Winter 1152 HC

Okko Vol 3 HC


Veronica #176-179

Betty and Veronica #223, 251

Sabrina the Teenage Witch V2 #001, 66-68

Sonic Universe #01-05, 23

Sonic the Hedgehog #158-159

Archie and Friends #150

Black Label Comics

The Deathlings: Anne Story Preview

The Deathlings: Anne’s Story #1

Black Label Comics Anthology #1

Bluewater Productions

Female Force: Betty White

BOOM! Studios

Cthulhu Tales #1-2

Farscape #3-6

Hero Squared #1-2 (Another Fine Mess)

Planetary Brigade Origins #2

The Last One #3-6

Brent Schoonover

Horrorwood Pages #1-4

Horrorwood Pages Prelude

Carpe Chaos

Carpe Chaos: Rurban Sprawl

Carpe Chaos: Hard Lessons

Comix Tribe

Epic #0
Tears of the Dragon #1-2

Copious Amounts

Pin Up Poet Book

Creative Impulse

Tengu #0

Bardo #1

Dark Age
Dark Age Intro Book

Dark Age Part 1-3

Devils Due

Loaded Bible Part 1-2

Star Trek V1 #01-08

DreamSpin Entertainment

Lucius Hammer #0-1

Eric Adams

Lackluster World #1-6

Ferret Press

Lifelike GN


Love and Capes #5

Sidechicks #1-4

The Dreamer #3-4

We Will Bury You #2-4


Blade #8-9, 11-12


Fantastic Four #541, 549-552

Incognito: Bad Influences #2

Marvels #1-4

Mighty Avengers #04

The Stand #1

Venom vs. Carnage #1-4

Tales of Suspense #39

Wolverine #69-72

Wolverine LS #1-4

Wolverine Old Man Logan Giant-Sized

X-Men: Age of Apocalypse #1

New X-Men #118-121

Powers #17

The Punisher V2 #1-7

Ornie Kompan

Yi Soon Shin: Warrior and Defender #1-3


Consumed #3

Rich Barrett

Nathan Sorry #2


Gator Butch #1

The Monstrous Sum of Particulars

Scare Tactix

Black Dawn #1-3

Studio Comix

The Six Faces of a Dice #1 (English, Italian, Spanish, French, German, Japanese)


Valora #2

Viper Comics

Middleman V1 #1-4

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