Graphic.Ly: Endless Sky, Incorruptible & Red Plains:

Graphic.Ly have released their latest comics list – remember, Graphic.Ly release their comics daily so this is the latest releases!

Highlights include:

Red Plains: Nice Place to Raise Your Kids Up, Chapter 1
Caryn A. Tate

Red Plains: Nice Place to Raise Your Kids Up, Chapter 1

What if your boss is trying to get you killed? The town’s leadership has joined forces with the most influential men in Red Plains, including the wealthy Don Luis Escovido. Their goal? Sheriff Doles: Ruined, replaced or dead. Meanwhile, see the folly of falling under the spell of one of the enticing Escovido sister-and meet the unsettling man known only as Velasquez.

Incorruptible #13
BOOM! Studios

Incorruptible #13

New arc, great for new readers! The stakes have never been higher and the lines between good and evil have never been more blurred in the kick-off issue of this new arc!

Endless Sky #1
Virtual Graphics

Endless Sky #1

David Boller left Switzerland for the US to become a professional comic book artist. A simple goal turned into a 16 year-long adventure, populated with eccentric characters and accompanied by success and defeat that continue to have a profound influence on his life today.

Here are the books we released in the past week:


Breakneck #1

Buck #1

Surviving the Damned #1-2

Laluelle: Envisioned
Little Heroes GN

Andy Moore Designs

The Vortex
A Cat Named Haiku
American Wasteland
Olive Peril
The Hope Virus
Velvet Rope GN


Berona’s War: Field Guide HC

The Grave Doug Freshley HC


Veronica #201, 180-181

Archie #500-502, 596-599, 609

Archie and Friends #80-81, 151

Betty #99-100

Betty and Veronica #224

Jughead #169-170

Sonic the Hedgehog #161, 160

Little Archie V1 & V2 GN
Sonic Universe #24
Archie and Friends All-Stars #1

Bluewater Productions

10th Muse: The Lost Issues #1-4

Deathsport #1

Nanny and Hank #2

BOOM! Studios

Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? #18

Farscape: Scorpius #02-04

Zombie Tales #1-2

Farscape #14

Farscape D’Argo’s Lament #1-2

Farscape: Gone and Back #1-2

Amory Wars: In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth 3 #7

Farscape D’Argo’s Quest #1-4

Farscape: Strange Detractors #1-3
Farscape: The Beginning of the End of the Beginning #1-2

Incorruptible #13

Talent #1
Salem #0-1

Broken Frontier
The Frontiersman #11-18

Caryn A. Tate
Red Plains: Nice Place to Raise Your Kids Up Chapter 1-4

Comix Tribe

Over #4

Creative Impulse

Durga: The Geomancer #1

Faixa Preta: The Black Belt #1

Creators Edge

Jeff #1

Nightmares of the Macabre #4

Rotten Tail #1-3

Devil’s Due

Drafted #0-1

Voltron #00-01


Nancy Hernandez and the Black Windows GN
Godkiller #1-6
Godkiller Preview
The Long Knives #1
The Long Knives Preview

I’m a Geek Entertainment

Rockstar Savior #1


Indifference Engine #1


Powers #19

The Stand #3-5

Ultimate Spider-Man #06-19

Uncanny X-Men #2-4, 471-474

Wolverine #20-21, 36-41
Amazing Spider-Man #538
Incredible Hulk #79
Young Avengers #06
1 Month 2 Live #1-3
Eternals #5-7
The Wonderful Wizard of Oz #1-4
Ultimates #1-3
Avengers #80-81
Hulk #06-07

Paramount Pictures
True Grit: Mean Business


I was Kidnapped by Lesbian Pirates from Outer Space #3-6
Consumed #4

Ratti Productions
Black Salt #4

Raw Studios

Bad Planet GN
Red Stylo Media

Top Cow

Impaler v2 #4

Rising Stars #9-16
First Born #1-3
Iron Saint #0-4
The Darkness #77-79

Virtual Graphics

Endless Sky #1

Zeta Comics

Little Bite: Vampire Detective #1

Zoey Zeta #2

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