Graphic.Ly: Irredeemable, Dark Mists & Atomic Robo

Graphic.Ly have released their list of their latest comics – remember, Graphic.Ly release new comics everyday, so this is a retrospective list in case you missed anything!

Highlights include:

Irredeemable #22

Irredeemable #21
BOOM! Studios

The Paradigm fought for a world without Plutonian – and now they have it! But what Plutonian left in his absence is as horrifying as the Mad God himself. Far away, in the depths of space, Plutonian finds himself an unlikely captive in a terrifying extraterrestrial incarceration. How he’ll gain freedom from captors even crazier than himself will send shock waves throughout the galaxy!

Dark Mists #2

Dark Mists #2

Kyoto, Japan. 1936. While a shroud of impending unrest hangs over Europe, in Japan the number of Yakuza members is close to outnumbering the Japanese army. In a government experiment, a group of geisha ladies are recruited to inform on the conversations they observe between the murderers and politicians. However, as untrained spies the geisha’s actions result in one of their member’s brutal and bloody murder.

Atomic Robo #3

Atomic Robo #3
Red 5 Comics

In 1975, with pressure to deliver a success, NASA turns to Atomic Robo to act as a top-secret escort for their troubled Viking mission to Mars. But one small step for a robot may not be the kind of giant leap for mankind that they were hoping for.

Andy Moore Designs

Don’t Panic! #4


Artesia V1 #4-6

Artesia V1 HC

Days Missing Kestus #3

Jughead #205
New Look #5 – Goodbye Forever

BOOM! Studios

Cthulhu Tales: Tainted #1

Cthulhu Tales: The Rising #1

Farscape: Scorpius #7

Farscape: Strange Detractors #4

Farscape: D’Argo’s Lament #3-4

Ninja Tales #1

Salem #2

Station #3-4

Talent #2-4

Cthulhu Tales #5-6

Dracula: The Company Of Monsters #5

Irredeemable #21

Zombie Tales #3
Broken Soul Press
The Wrong House

Caryn A. Tate
Red Plains: Nice Place to Raise Your Kids Up Chapter 5,6

Creators Edge

Ghost Lines #1-4

Nightmares of the Macabre #1-2

The Ballad of Little Monster #1

Devil’s Due

Mercy Sparx #0-4

X-Files #0

Dark Age

Dark Age #4-5


Breathe #2

Dark Mists #2

Of Bitter Souls #1-2

Ritual #1-2

Harker #2

Hope Falls #2

The Dark #2

N Guard #3

The Lexian Chronicles #02

Raising Amy #1

Serpent Wars #1-2


Daredevil #92-95

Powers #21-26

1 Month 2 Live #4-5

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz #5-8

Ultimate Iron Man II #4-5

Omni Consumer Comics
En-Mercs Prologue Part 2

Gunplay GN

Red 5 Comics

Atomic Robo #1-6

Sandbox Comics

Spy6teen #1

Shatterday Comics

XD: Exit Demigods #1

UnWrecked Press

In Maps and Legends #4

Virtual Graphics

Tell #1-2

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