Link: Diamond’s Dave Bowen explains selling digital comics in stores

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Published on: February 10, 2011

After the news of yesterdays team up between Diamond and iVerse – The Beat have an interview with Dave Bowen from Diamond about how it will work:


THE BEAT: Let’s start out, suppose I am looking to buy the new issue of…let’s say Transformers. I walk into my comics shop. What’s going to happen?

BOWEN: If the comic shop has it on the rack, obviously you’ll probably buy it that way. If they don’t have it on the rack and it is one of the books that IDW has chosen to be part of its program – publishers don’t have to put heir entire line in this program. If IDW wants to putTransformers on the Playstation first, they can do that. We’re going to imprint Plexiglas document stands and give them to retailers. They’ll have a sell sheet for the new week’s books inside and in fact the one I’m looking at on right now has Transformers ongoing #16 as an example. That POP display is one of the ways that the conversation might get started about a digital sale. We’ll also do shelf talkers and header cards for books that are available digitally as well.

Check out the whole thing here

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