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This week get True Blood, The Poind, and a whole lot of TRANSFORMERS for your iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch!

True Blood: Tainted Love #1

True Blood: Tainted Love #1
Marc Andreyko and Michael McMillian (w) Joe Corroney (a)
Tainted Love, part 1. Our friends in Bon Temps just can’t seem to catch a break these days. Sookie Stackhouse’s world is turned upside down when contaminated bottles of Tru Blood cause the Southern Vampire population to go berserk! Looks like those growing human/vampire tensions aren’t going to simmer down anytime soon! But who (or what) is behind the bad “Blood”? And Hoyt plans to do what for Jessica?! The latest “head-turning” story arc of the True Blood comic series starts here! Co-Written by Michael McMillian, “Steve Newlin” from the show, with fan-favorite Marc Andreyko!

True Blood: Tainted Love #2

True Blood: Tainted Love #2
Marc Andreyko and Michael McMillian (w) Joe Corroney (a)
The blood hits the fan when Jessica falls victim to contaminated bottles of Tru Blood. Sookie wants to save her, but will Bill let her? Meanwhile, Jason makes a horrible discovery and the mysterious Vampire Liberation Front reveal themselves to the world! It’s the second part of the second fangtasic volume of the True Blood comic!

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True Blood: Tainted Love #3

True Blood: Tainted Love #3 – Available same day as print, Wednesday April 27
Marc Andreyko and Michael McMillian (w) Joe Corroney (a)
The Tru Blood contamination scandal escalates! Sookie goes to Eric for help and finds a herself in a whole new batch of trouble. Meanwhile, Jessica’s condition worsens and the violence escalates… will Bill be her next victim?!

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TF: Foundation #3

TRANSFORMERS 3 Movie Prequel – Foundation #3 – Available same day as print, Wednesday April 27
John Barber, Andrew Griffith, Brian Rood (w) Andrew Griffith, Brian Rood (a)
Optimus Prime has reached his goal: the gates of Megatron’s citadel. Prime has one thing in mind and he won’t let Shockwave or Starscream slow him down—tonight, Megatron must die! Secrets are revealed and lines are crossed as the countdown to Transformers 3 ramps up. How far will Prime go to stop the Decepticons?
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TF: Heart of Darkness #1

TRANSFORMERS: Heart of Darkness #1
Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning (w) Ulises Farinas (a)
Galvatron is on the move! With the mystery surrounding Gorlam Prime still unsolved, Cyclonus and Scourge are tasked with helping raise an army! But an army to do what?! Find out as the ROAD TO “CHAOS” finds its first travelers!

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The Pound #1

The Pound #1
Stephan Nilson (w) Karl Waller (a)
Part 1 of 5! Two unemployed, municipal animal control specialists discover Cleveland is lousy with monsters. Underpaid, under-budgeted, and in way over their heads they take it upon themselves to stop a plot to turn Cleveland’s citizens into werewolves.

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TF: Spotlight MetroplexTRANSFORMERS: Spotlight – Metroplex
Andy Schmidt (w) Marcelo Matere (a)
Six Shot, the most feared Decepticon in the known galaxy is on the hunt and the Throttlebots are his prey! When they land on a remote planet and find a deserted city, they find that despite appearances, they are not alone. METROPLEX IS REVEALED but is the transforming city friend or foe?

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TF: Spotlight Drift

TRANSFORMERS: Spotlight -Drift
Shane McCarthy (w) Casey Coller  (a)
Learn how Drift joined the AUTOBOT cause and how he figures into the events unfolding in the pages of All Hail Megatron. Guest-starring the WRECKERS, KUP, and PERCEPTOR. All brought to you by AHM mastermind ShaneMcCarthy and rising star Casey Coller.
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TF 3 Movie Prequel Rising Storm #3

TRANSFORMERS 3 Movie Prequel – Rising Storm #3
John Barber (w) Carlos Magno, Brian Rood (a)
It’s all out war in Philadelphia, as Optimus Prime and the rest of the Autobots roll out to stop Starscream and his forces from killing Sam Witwicky! The biggest, most explosive battle in Transformers history begins here! The fate of the universe rests on the outcome and the action of this summer’s hottest movie heats up right here!

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