Link: ICv2 Interview with Dynamite’s Nick Barrucci

As part of their interview with Nick Barrucci of Dynamite Entertainment the issue of digital comics was discussed:


Let’s talk about digital. You alluded to piracy as a factor in devaluing content, what about legal digital?   What are you doing with digital content for Dynamite properties and where do you see that going?

Digital is still an early market. We became aggressive once DC got into the market with comiXology and once Marvel came into the market (as opposed to just being able to read the digital comics on the Marvel site), they created the market share that made this a much more viable business.  Before then you had much more select hits here and there, like Star Trek when the Star Trekmovie came out (the prelude to the last Star Trek movie did really well, as downloads both as singles and collections).  But outside of a hit here and a hit there it was too small of a market for us to concern ourselves with.  I see it growing, that much I can tell you.
How big will it become?  I don’t know. We’re not movies, we’re not music, we’re not TV.  With music you just pop on your plugs, you listen to it, you don’t have to do anything.  With movies or TV you’re watching it move; with comics, you actually have to move it.  I think that there’s an audience, probably under 20, that will be reading more and more comics on their handheld devices, and I think we’ll see that become a real business model maybe in five or seven years.  Right now the majority of our market is still holding it in their hands.
But for Dynamite, we’ve been negotiating agreements with, as far as we can tell, every major company that is currently creating downloadable digital comics.  We’re working with comiXology, we’re working with, we’re working with iVerse.  We’re in discussions with other companies that are popping up.
There’s a quote [by] Mark Millar where he said, with Kick-Ass andThe Ultimates and all the royalties he made last year from digital, he made more money writing one issue of Superman Adventuresten years ago.  So that should give people a feel for where the market is at considering that Mark Millar has some of the bestselling titles in comics.  That includes creator owned where he gets a bigger piece of digital and had a huge audience of people who went to see the Kick-Ass movie that bought the comics.


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