DriveThruComics: Zero Hunters, Echoes & More

DriveThruComics – the downloadable comics site have released a whole batch of comics for you to download. There is a mixture of free & priced comics.

Along with the free titles you will also see a selection of podcasts which may be of interest!

Free weekly productZero Hunters #1
by Cinemacomics

Synopsis: Codeword ZERO; a non-human entity. Codeword HUNTERS; self explanatory. When a Zero gets hostile, William Garrick and his special crimes unit, the Zero Hunters, are called in to hunt down the things that go bump in the night.

This Issue: Nearly a year after the brutal murder of his family by the vampire named Dravald, Garrick has returned to the force a changed man looking for revenge at any cost.

Mature Rated


Secret Identity Podcast Issue #340–Supernatural and Steve Scott
by Secret Identity

Topics Covered in This Issue: Movies / TV NewsStar Wars live-action show already filmedStar Trek 2 could be delayedWorld War Z to begin shooting soonCandyland movie could be epic Boob Tube / Big Screen Blitzkrieg:Dr. WhoSupernatural SimpsonsBob’s Burger…

El Bovine Muerte #1/2
by Darkslinger Comics

Free webcomic by Darkslinger Comics put out every Wednesday.  El Bovine Muerte is about Le Mime, an industrious mime that has invented a cow to create the perfect cheese.

El Bovine Muerte #1
by Darkslinger Comics

Free webcomic by Darkslinger Comics put out every Wednesday.  El Bovine Muerte is about Le Mime, an industrious mime that has invented a cow to create the perfect cheese.

S ecret Identity Podcast Issue #339–Arkham City and DuckTales
by Secret Identity

Topics Covered In This Issue: Download Location of the Week: Vancouver, BC What’s New at Reviews:Batman: Arkham City #1JSA #50X-Men #9The Mighty Thor #1DuckTales #1 Summer Reading project:Marvel Super Heroes: Secret Wars #4 …

Echoes #2
by Top Cow

A Tale of Suspense and Psychological Horror! Brian Cohn has discovered his recently deceased father may have been a serial killer. As Brian struggles what to do with his father’s legacy and flesh doll trophies, a young girl goes missing in town and…


Chronicles of Van Helsing Chapter #4
by Darkslinger Comics
Price: $0.99

In chapter 2 of this bloodthirsty battle between Van Helsings and Vampires we see 2 brothers torn from each others grip as they struggle for their lives. Now the trials that Ezequil must face have begun. Does he have the strength to continue his famil…

Sim-I #1
by Semantink Publishing
Price: $0.99

Sim-I is the story of a super smart monkey, trying to escape from the evil clutches of Dr Haslow hope and his extra brain, Einstein! This first issue sees our hero gain his immense intelligence, and begin his trek to freedom.  Filled with witty …

-ologist at LARGE
by Writers of the Apocalypse
Price: $2.00

A collection of comics inspired from daily event during my short stint in the world of archaeology.

Dream Kerosene #1
by S.G. Comics
Price: $1.99

Dream Kerosene is a story about redemption, loss, and tortured mythology in a devastated and broken Dreamscape, on the verge of a nightmarish Armageddon called The Darkening.  All heaven and hell is at war with vengeful old Gods, as they wage gruesom…

Darkness #89
by Top Cow
Price: $1.99

“High Noon” A Tale of The Darkness Special. Ramon Estacado is the worst kinda outlaw. He cain’t be killed, his gang is a buncha Darklings and he has his sights set on a train fulla federal gold. When his old gang shows up with new demonic power…

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