Graphicly: Cla$$war

When I first started on this digital comics thing, one of comics – and subsequent series – I downloaded was Cla$$war from Com.X!

Written by Rob Williams (Ghost Rider, X-Force) and art by Trevor Hairsine (Ultimate Nightmare, Wisdom) and Travel Foreman (X-Men Unlimited, Animal Man). This is a series worth checking out – and #1 is available free from Graphicly!


Modern day America: sedated, a land of authoritarian corporations, corrupt politicians and imposing wealth. Two men are going to change that. One is a jaded ex-CIA operative who has seen first hand the terrible acts committed in the name of freedom. The other is one of the government’s own genetically-enhanced soldiers. A “super” man who has killed for his country, and now questions what he was fighting for. Together they’re going to battle for a truth that can’t be found in the mainstream. They’re going to show ordinary people the real rulers of the “free” world. But the secret monarchs aren’t just going to sit back and let them speak. Class War mixes the high-octane action of the traditional super-heroics with a gritty, political sensibility.

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