Graphicly: Latest Comics & Dynamite Entertainment Join

Graphicly have released their latest list of comics available for the web, android and Apple devices.

But before I give you the list, Grpahicly have official announced that Dynamite Entertainment have join the many other publishers on the Graphicly network!

In a succession of ’70s references that only the coolest of the cool will get, let me start with a little JJ Walker “Dy-no-mite!!” as we welcomeDynamite Entertainment into the Graphicly family. All the Green Hornet, Vampirella, and my favorite, The Last Phantom! you can handle. Check it out, y’all!

And with that, here is a taste of things to come from Dynamite with Kevin Smith’s Kato #1:


Here are the latest comics:


Laluelle #4
Winter War #3

AAM Markosia
FTL #1 – #5

Kevin Keller #1
Archie and Friends #156

Bluewater Productions
FAME: Howard Stern
FAME: Ryan Reynolds
FAME: Stephen King
Female Force: Ayn Rand
Female Force: Kathy Griffin
Female Force: Ruth Handler – Creator of Barbie

BOOM! Studios
28 Days Later #23
Malignant Man #2
Stan Lee’s Soldier Zero #6
Stan Lee’s Starborn #6
Stan Lee’s The Traveler #6

Bricker-Down Productions
The Killing Jar #1 – #5

Carpe Chaos
Carpe Chaos: Rising Up Chapter 5

Chilly Villain Studios
Snatcher Bodies GN

Cyberosia Publishing
They Do Not Die! GN

Darkslinger Comics
Chronicles of Van Helsing #1 – #4

The Last Phantom #1 – #4
Vampirella #1 – #4
Warlord of Mars #1 – #3
Warlord of Mars: Dejah Thoris #1 – #2
Kevin Smith’s Green Hornet #1 – #5
The Green Hornet Strikes! #1 – #7
Green Hornet: Blood Ties #1 – #4
Kato: Origins #1 – #5
The Green Hornet: Year One #1 – #3
Green Hornet: Aftermath #1
Green Hornet: Parallel Lives #1 – #2
Kevin Smith’s Kato #1 – #2

Homeless Comics
Healed #1 – #3

Kick Save Comics
Zombie of the Month GN

Witch GN

Cable #1 – #3
Criminal: Last of the Innocent #1
Dark Tower: The Sorcerer #1
Iron Man vs Whiplash #1 – #4
Powers V2 #13 – #14
Scarlet #1 – #4
The Stand: Hardcases #2 – #5
Thor #1 – #5
Ender’s Game: Mazer in Prison
Ender’s Game: Recruiting Valentine
Ender’s Game: The League War
Ender’s Game: War of Gifts
Marvel Knights: Spider-Man #6 – #8
Tales of Suspense #45 – #46
Captain America: The Chosen #1 – #3
Wolverine #26 – #32
X-Men #176 – #178

Minus Zero Productions
Junkyard Angels #1

Renderwrx #1 – #2

Miscellaneous – French
Lone Lee #1 – #4 – French

Story and Media LLC
Distractions: Part 1

Top Cow
Rest #3
Twilight Guardian #1

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