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Here’s Marvel’s VP of Sales and Marketing, David Gabriel, from the announcement of more free digital download codes in future Avenging Spider-Man issues:

Based on initial orders of over 100,000 units for the first issue—and the steady increase in orders since we’ve begun promotion on this plan—we knew that including a code for a free digital copy in future issues of Avenging Spider-Man not only excites our retailers, but incentivizes fans to come into stores for one of the year’s hottest new releases. It’s a win-win for everyone with no extra cost to readers and an increased revenue share for retailers.

Firstly: This is the second Marvel PR (following last week’s Point One release) where David Gabriel is quoted as saying that more than 100,000 copies are being shipped. Clearly, the success of DC’s New 52 relaunch has had the effect of making Gabriel trumpet all books shipping more than 100K as often as possible.

Secondly: “Excites out retailers”? Considering some of the retailer responses that I’ve seen, “exciting” is an interesting spin to put on it.

Thirdly: How, exactly, does the digital code “incentivize fans to come into stores”? Surely if they didn’t want a print version of the comic, they’d just buy it digitally anyway, which doesn’t involve them going into the store. And if they did want a print version, then they’d be going into the store anyway. Is there some exclusive content available with the digital versions downloaded with the code? Is Avenging Spider-Man *only* available digitally with the code, and not through the Marvel Apps or ComiXology or Seriously, I don’t understand this particular part of what Gabriel is saying. Have I missed something?

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