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Published on: October 28, 2011

Well worth a read – it’s got graphs and everything too!



Who Are the Digital Comic Book Fans on Facebook? 

By Brett

A few hours ago I posted statistics of the self-identified comic book fans on Facebook.  During this same time period, I also looked at who the fans of digital comics are.  Are they different from the regular comic book fans?  The answer is yes, yes they are.  Using the same method, but different search terms I pulled the exact same data for comparison.  The universe is much smaller to search from, but there’s enough that only at the extreme edges are there issues with the reporting.

Facebook Digital Comic Book Fan Population: Over 7,540 in the United States

You can see the number is much smaller than the 2.6 million population for the general comic book fans.  The terms are much more narrow, searching for brands instead of generic terms.  Keep in mind, these are the fans of Graphic.ly, comiXology, iVerse, etc., not web comics.  That’s a whole other population in my opinion.  The goal here is to try to figure out who buys digital comics.

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Who Are the Digital Comic Book Fans on Facebook? – 10/27/11 « Graphic Policy.

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