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Date : January 10, 2012


Top Cow Tuesday Sale: Angelus #1-6 From Graphicly

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Published on: January 10, 2012

Today from Top Cow on the Graphicly digital comics network you can get issues #1-6 for half price!   Taking flight from the pages of “War of the Witchblades”! Danielle Baptiste returns home to New Orleans to come to grips with her new role as the Angelus, the human bearer of the primal force of[…]


IDW’s Digital Only Series?

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Published on: January 10, 2012

Reported from Bleeding Cool: IDW are now advertising brand new series digital only Transformers series, Autocracy by featuring it on the iPad and iPhone. Tranformers: Autocracy will be published in a week’s time, a biweekly eight page comic written by Chris Metzen and Flint Dille and drawn by Livio Ramondelli. It will tie in with[…]


The digital future still is a mystery if you don’t publish “immersive reading” – The Shatzkin Files

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Published on: January 10, 2012

An interesting read about what may be the future? I have made previous mention of my notion that what has been one very cohesive trade book industry would “trifurcate”: break into at least three distinct businesses: 1) books that are straight narrative text intended for immersive reading; 2) adult books that are not straight text,[…]


Webcomics: A Long Goodbye To Theater Hopper

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Published on: January 10, 2012

  There are a selection of webcomics I read on a regular basis. One of the ones I especially look forward to is Theater Hopper Theater Hopper is a web comic about movies written from the fan’s perspective. It is semi-autobiographical, combining characters based on real people with a supporting cast of fictitious creations. Every[…]


Marvel Digital: Ultimate Avengers, Spider-Man & X-23

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Published on: January 10, 2012

Marvel are re-vamping their releases and are still releasing new titles everyday! Highlights of the week include:       Amazing Spider-Man (1999) #659 Ultimate Comics Avengers VS. New Ultimates #2 X-23 (2010) #10       What If? Venom/Deadpool (2010) #1 Hulk (2008) #29 Silver Surfer (2011) #1 January 09, 2012 AMAZING SPIDER-MAN (1999)[…]


The Boys 3-Day Sale!

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Published on: January 10, 2012

I love The Boys! And now you can feel the love to with a Dynamite/Comixology 3-day sale! Get issues #1-#18 for half price – that’s $0.99 each! Well worth it!

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