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Free weekly productThe Saga of Pandora Zwieback #0
by Starwarp Concepts

Introducing 16-year-old Goth adventuress Pandora Zwieback! Pan is a girl with the ability to see the monsters that regular humans can’t, and with the help of her mentor, 400-year-old monster hunter Sebastienne “Annie” Mazarin, she’s going to protect the world from danger.

This special comic-book introduction to the Saga of Pandora Zwieback novel series is hosted by Pan, and includes two preview chapters from Book 1: Blood Feud, in which rival vampire clans search for the key to an ultimate weapon—a key that’s been delivered to the horror museum owned by Pan’s father!

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Featured Title2000 AD: Prog 1677
by 2000 AD

Rally Round the Flag!Victory on Mars for the ABC Warriors

In this issue:

Judge Dredd

The Grievous Journey of Ichabod Azrael

A.B.C. Warriors


Damnation Station

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Featured TitleArtifacts #13
by Top Cow


It all comes down to this! The Survivor’s plan has come to fruition. All thirteen Artifacts and their bearers are in their fated place. The stakes are simple – the very fate of the Top Cow Universe. And the only question that remains is, will either Jackie Estacado or Sara Pezzini doom the world as Tom Judge predicted? Legendary special guest artist DALE KEOWN (THE DARKNESS/PITT, Hulk) joins Top Cow Universe architect RON MARZ to bring fans an event conclusion they will never forget!

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Featured TitleThe Mushroom Murders: Civil Unrest
by Creator’s Edge Press

The continuation of the mysterious mushroom related deaths by Chad Anderson.

Overview: Delaware City was a peaceful little port town until its citizens started getting slaughtered! At the scene of each crime, all that is left is a small pile of ash and one creepy little mushroom. The police bring in two expendable detectives, Sterling Silversmith and Emerald Johnson, who are in way over their heads as they try to stop any more deaths! With ancient mysteries, demons hungering for human flesh, and an unexpected love story, the Mushroom Murders takes everything creepy and mystic about mushrooms and explodes it into an original, fast-paced, and character-driven five-issue limited series! Produced by Creator’s Edge Press, written by Chad Anderson (Marvel Comics Handbook writer) and penciled by talented cartoonist Robert Keough, the Mushroom Murders is a surefire hit with surprises in store with every turn of the page!

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All-New Secret Identity #42–Villains for Hire, The Ray and Witchblade
by Secret Identity

Download Location of the Week: San Diego, CA Feedback ReviewsThe Ray #1Villains for Hire #1Voodoo #4The Strain #1Witchblade #150 Creator Spotlight: Dan AbnettBrian caught up with the prolific writer at NYCC to talk Marvel cosmic, Heroes for Hire, Infes…

The Saga of Pandora Zwieback #0
by Starwarp Concepts

Introducing 16-year-old Goth adventuress Pandora Zwieback! Pan is a girl with the ability to see the monsters that regular humans can’t, and with the help of her mentor, 400-year-old monster hunter Sebastienne “Annie” Mazarin, she’…

Warrior Innkeeper Comics Previews 2011
by Warrior Innkeeper Comics

This is a collection of previews for our first big year in comics.  2011 saw the publication of seven books and here we are showing off the four best books of the year!  Download it for free and get a taste of W.I.C.

Artifacts: Reborn
by Top Cow

The Top Cow Universe is Reborn! Catch an introduction to the new universe here for free from Top Cow and! Witchblade created by Marc Silvestri, David Wohl, Brian Haberlin, and Michael Turner.The Darkness created by Marc Silvestri, Ga…

All-New Secret Identity Podcast #41–Looking Back at 2011
by Secret Identity

In this special episode, we look back at some of our favorite books, stories, moments and creators from the past year. Here are your categories: BEST NEW CHARACTER (debuted in 2011) BEST NEW COMIC (#1 shipped in 2011) BEST LIMITED SERIES (that finished…



Newest Products

Alter Ego #05
by Heroic Publishing
Price: $1.50

For the first time in 25 years, enjoy an all-new adventure of ALTER EGO, by his original creative team of Roy Thomas and Ron Harris. In this 25th anniversary special, the world of classic CRIME COMICS opens for Rob Lindsay when he dons the mystic mas…

2000 AD: Prog 1678
by 2000 AD
Price: $1.99

Dead ShotIchabod Azrael sets out on his grievous journey In this issue: Judge Dredd // Damnation Station // Zombo // Ichabod Azrael // Time Twisters

2000 AD: Prog 1679
by 2000 AD
Price: $1.99

Heroes Be DamnedThw War May Be Won – But Is The Danger Over For Dante? In this issue: Judge Dredd: The psychopathic PJ spreads the diseaseDamnation Station: Taking the war to the space invaders Ichabod Azrael: What horrors await on the shores of the riv…

Razor/ Morbid Angel: Soul Search COLLECTED
by London Night Studios
Price: $7.99


Masks #2
by Septagon Studios Inc
Price: $0.99

In Masks issue #2 “Awakening” we discover that Sara’s adventure might be all in her head, that her suicide had failed and in reality she is confined to a hospital for the mentally ill. Sara’s mind struggles with which reality is th…

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