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In wake of Marvel’s Civil War a new team of Avengers arises from the ashes to face a Marvel Universe torn asunder and rife with grief, rage, and and a few secrets left to unravel. Download issues #1-30 of Avengers: The Initiative at 50% off the normal price all day today and experience a chapter of turmoil in the Marvel Universe like never before.

After Armory’s weapon causes the death of M.V.P., she washes out of the Initiative Program. The circumstances of the event have since been made hush-hush. As far as the Initiative is concerned, M.V.P. never died in Stamford…

When the Hulk and his Warbound invade America, the Superhuman Armed Forces answer the call! In this time of crisis, will She-Hulk be able to take Iron Man’s orders? And what is Hardball hiding from everyone?

Who is Mutant Zero? What does Taskmaster want with her? Plus, the Thor clone returns and so much more don’t miss out on scoring these awesome digital comics at an amazing price. Add Avengers: The Initiative #1-30 to your digital library now!

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