Pinocchio: Vampire is brilliant and highly recommended – here is an excellent interview about it from Newsarama:


With their story of Pinocchio: Vampire Slayer, artist Dusty Higgins and writer Van Jensen have won loyal readers over by utilizing the classic tale of the small puppet to portray his revenge on a horde of bloodsucking vampires.This month, the 250-page Volume 3 of the series, titled Of Wood and Blood is being released digitally, along with the first two volumes on ComiXology, introducing a new audience to the story already beloved by its fans.While it may be enough to simply have the imagery of a puppet battling vampires by telling lies, breaking off his growing nose and using the wooden stakes, Pinocchio: Vampire Slayer has surprised readers by offering a story that has much more heart and depth than the premise suggests.And the basic concept has grown over the last two volumes into a huge mythology that introduced a surprising link between the hero and the vampires he hunts. With a cast that includes everyone from Pinocchios cricket to his love interest, Carlotta, the book has included an endearing mixture of humor and horror as Pinocchio has grown up over the last two volumes.Newsarama talked with Jensen to find out more about Volume 3 and the decision to release the book digitally months before its going to be available in print.

Read the interview at: : Its No Lie: PINOCCHIO: VAMPIRE SLAYER A Digital Hit.

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