Get The Bogies App For Free!

Bogies – no, not those ones! The ones from the Dandy!

Created by the mind behind Spleenal has released a Bogies Comics app!

Now as you may or may not know I write and draw the Bogies for the Dandy.
If you haven’t checked it out yet fear not. Click on the picture below to be whisked over to the app store.
It’s great because I wrote the strips. Same sense of humour but without swearing! (Yes there is something left after you take out all the unpleasantness) If you have a kid you need this app, because sooner or later you’re gonna be in a car, train, waiting room, que, what ever and he/she will kick off and shout “I’m bored!” Then you shove you phone/pod/thing into their hands and say “read this.”
Oh, and it’s free. So why wouldn’t you?

Here it is, in all it’s glory! The full, definitive collection of Bogie comics. Taken from the secret Snotican archives and wiped straight onto your device!

What are The Bogies?! Well, shame on you – you should know! The Bogies are created by the powerful imagination of a boy called Alex. When he picks his nose, he unlocks the doors of his imagination and is thrown into the crazy world of The Bogies. (Yes, you guessed it. Bogies are Boogers, Snots, Nose Goblins and Nostril Nuggets and..more definitions welcome!)

Witness the adventures of Captain Bogie and the Green Pearl, Dr.Goo the Intergoolactic Slime traveler, The mighty Gobzilla, The daring Evel Knasal, Splatman and Gobbin and many, many, many more..!

Download the FREE app and you’ll be able to READ EVERY BOGIE COMIC EVER MADE since the very first one!…

– Start with over 100 FREE comics
– Get a brand spankin’ NEW comic every week
– Includes fun pages with funny games and puzzles
– 3 FREE Bogies wallpapers to smear onto your phone
– Follow the links to see all the latest Bogie Toys and Games and News

For a massively modest, measly, meager amount of money you can UPGRADE and you will be able to:

– Vote for your favorite Bogie to be drawn in a comic
– Unlock more wallpapers so you can change them as often as your pants!

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