Red Light Properties: Moving From Webcomics To Digital Comics

Red Light Properties — a comic series about haunted real estate by Dan Goldman

Red Light Properties are making a move away from web based comics, to digital comics. Here is the news that another webcomicer is now going to making the move to a different form of distribution. Is this a trend? More free webcomics have their own apps, but this is a different sort of move:


I’d been thinking for months about changing the RLP site from a serialization –based webcomics machine into a hub for digital releases of complete RLP stories, and now I’ve finally done it. Our digital comics publishing landscape of Kindles and Comixologys and iBooks is evolving quickly enough that I can now be anywhere DC or Marvel can while still keeping complete creative and financial control of my babies. So many of you have written, commented, tweeted over the last two years how you wanted to be able to buy RLP and support my continued production of the series. Well kids, that time starts now.

Right now, I’ve got six book covers on the front of the site, two of which are already live for purchasing today on Comixology and Graphicly:


(remastered edition, never-before-seen)
available now on: Comixology / Graphicly 


available now on: Comixology / Graphicly


These titles (and the rest) will be coming soon to Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble’s Nook, Kobo and Apple iBooks as well; all announcements will be made through here. As well, I’m in the process of heavily re-editing first 200pg OGN into two very separate stories, each featuring loads of completely new material. I’ll let you know when (THE HANGED COUPLE and GOLDEN PALMS are ready to download.

Once the whole remastered series is available across multiple networks, then it’ll be time to start producing new RLP stories. I repeat: RED LIGHT PROPERTIES is definitely going to continue… but instead of serializing them a page at a time, I’ll be releasing some preview pages with links where you can download the entire new issue complete. I think it’s a nicer read that way.

In the meantime, if you’ve missed my voice coming through your br-br-browser regularly, check out TOUCANNUÍ, my gringo-in-Brazil travel memoir I’ve started writing over at the literary-arts group-thing TRIP CITY.

More news soon, my sweethearts…

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