Atomic Robo: Real Science Adventures #1

I love Atomic Robo – and I’m glad to see spin off series

For anyone who has ever read Brian Clevinger and Scott Wegener’s “Atomic Robo” stories from Red 5 Comics, their complaint is always the same – there are not simply enough Atomic Robo stories in the world.


Enter “Atomic Robo Presents… Real Science Adventures”, a new monthly comic series of Robo-related pulp tales. “Real Science Adventures” debuts with its first issue this Wednesday, March 28 in comic shops across North America and digitally through the Comixology and iVerse readers.


“There are hundreds of stories to tell from the history of Robo’s world,” explains RSA writer Clevinger, “but not all of them fit the larger arcs we have planned. This is our opportunity to tell some of those stories from the little corners of Robo’s world.”


In order to expand Robo’s universe without doubling the workload of Robo’s co-creator and artist, Scott Wegener, the creators looked for help from its own team of action artists.


“Scott and I have met a ton of artists in the years since we started Atomic Robo and we’re always looking for opportunities to work with them. Bingo! So, we’ve got four short stories in each issue and each story is drawn by a different artist.”


“I wrote all the scripts and then Scott and I tricked a bunch of our artist friends into drawing them for us. We’ve got Ryan Cody, Yuko Ota, Rob Reilly, Chris Houghton, John Broglia, Zack Finfrock, and more.”


Fans of Atomic Robo’s currently-told adventures can expect to see familiar faces in starring roles. “We’ve got everybody. Robo, the Sparrow, Dr. Dinosaur, Bruce Lee, and of course fan favorite Secretary of Defence James Forrestal,” teases Clevinger.


But “Real Science Adventures” is not what readers might come to have expect from a traditional anthology.


“It’s less an anthology and more a collection of stories from the little corners of Robo’s world,” Clevinger explains. “Every story we tell is part of the mythos of Robo, his world, and their histories. These are no different. Some of these stories are wholly original, like when Robo trained under Bruce Lee, while others are continuations of tales we already told.”


Look for “Atomic Robo Presents… Real Science Adventures #1” this Wednesday wherever the finest Atomic Robo comics are sold.

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