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Back in November, Gizmodo reported that Marvel would be releasing all of their comics digitally the same day as print — “day and date,” as the mostly non-sensical idiom goes — by the end of March.

Well, it’s now March 28, and the final New Comic Book day of the month, so how are they doing? A quick comparison between the Marvel app and Marvel’s portion of the Diamond shipping list for this week show only a couple of discrepancies.

First, the ones we knew about — no mature readers titles, so Deadpool MAX 2 #6 is out. There are no all-ages titles on the app, for similar concerns, thus the lack of Spider-Man #24. The licensed Dark Tower series isn’t on the app, either. Wolverine, Punisher & Ghost Rider: Official Index To The Marvel Universe #8 isn’t there, but that’s not really a “comic” so much.

But when you get down to honest-to-goodness single-issue releases of Marvel Universe product, almost all of this week’s products are available same-day digital on the app, with one exception: Ghost Rider #9, the final issue of that series. (Daken: Dark Wolverine #23, another last issue written by Rob Williams out this week, is on the app, but all of the X-Men titles went same-day digital last fall with “ReGenesis.”) Also available: Secret Avengers #24, which for some reason was left off the Diamond list.

This marks a change from even a couple of weeks ago, when Avengers #24 wasn’t available on the app its week of release (and still is not).

Of course, the big Marvel digital push is still seven days away — the launch of Infinite Comics and their AR app, both tied to the release of Avengers vs. X-Men #1, and under their “ReEvolution” umbrella.

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