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Free Product of the Week

Free weekly productThe Monstrous Sum of Particulars
by Septagon Studios Inc

David Hollenbach is the kind of artist that makes you sit up and take notice of his work. Yes, you’ve seen the work of Dave McKean and Ashley Wood. But as unbelievable as it may sound, David takes all the best elements of both those artists and squeezes them together into one amazingly slick, unique package, adding up to a fantastic skill set that create some moody and energetic artwork.

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Other Featured Titles

Featured Title2000 AD: Prog 1699
by 2000 AD

Hit the Deck!Is this Jack Danger’s last stand?

In this issue:

Judge Dredd // The Red Seas // Strontium Dog // Savage

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$3.75 $1.99

Featured TitleI Sleep in Stone, Issue 1
by Black Watch Comics

On an island in Wisconsin a woman hides a terrible secret – that another world exists. A world that transformed her husband into a monster, murdered her family and almost cost her the life of her son, Johnny Crane. In 1976 Johnny will be forced into this other world, to face the dark secrets that lay there, the forgotten legacy of mankind, and the true history of magic.

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Featured TitleDarkness Origins Volume 3
by Top Cow

Sonatine Returns and The Magdalena Debuts!Go back and see Jackie Estacado as a fledgling bearer of The Darkness as TheDarkness Origins trade line continues. Jackie’s life is turned further upside down when his foster sister, Appolonia Franchetti returns to New York and the ruthless mafia princess soon plots to become the next Angelus in order to crush her sibling. Soon after, Jackie is confronted by yet another righteous woman who wishes to see him dead – the Magdalena!

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$19.99 $13.99

Pick of the Week

Pick of the WeekSky Pirates of Valendor Volume One
by Jolly Rogue Studios

Welcome to the World of Valendor, a bold new world where steam-powered ships sail across the sky and where you’ll find that the standard heroes come in any shape or form—even Pirate!

148-page compilation of the first 5 issues. Includes additional content not found in the original printing.

Welcome to the World of Valendor, a bold new world where steam-powered ships sail across the sky and where you’ll find that the standard heroes come in any shape or form—even Pirate!

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$15.00 $3.99

Also of Note…

Get Your Pulp On!

Black Bat vs DraculaReturn of the Originals event from the Moonstone crew!

For the first time in history three eras collide in one place as Pulp Fiction’s newest heroine, Death Angel joins forces with Pulp’s enduring vigilante The Black Bat to battle the eternal face of horror, Dracula.

Clearly, Black Bat vs. Dracula is a do not miss book!

Mike (The Phantom) Bullock and rising star Eric Johns bring this spine-tingling tale of darkness, lust and fear to you, wrapped in a visceral cover crafted by horror comic legendDan Brereton.

And if you’ve not yet checked out the other book out for this event so far – The Spider & Domino Lady – you’re missing out on some fantastic storytelling featuring the true classics of the Pulp Era!



Newest Free Products

Secret Identity Podcast #412–Ralph Wiggum and Skateman
by Secret Identity

Download Location of the Week: Springfield, MA Feedback Reviews:Nazi Zombies #1Batwoman #6Ralph Wiggum Comics #1All-Star Western #6Night Force #1 Out of the Longbox:Skateman #1 Send comments to OR leave us a voicemail at 860-698-…

Discussions with Decapitated Dan #83: Bryan Baugh
by Decapitated Dan

Horror comics have been scaring readers for years. Is there anyone brave enough to sit down with their creators? This is Discussions with Decapitated Dan. Listen in this week as Dan is joined by Writer and Artist Bryan Baugh to talk about Wulf & Bats…

Secret Identity Podcast Issue #411–Creepy Comics and Raising Hope
by Secret Identity

NewsdeskRalph McQuarrie passesNew DC LogoSI News Stories ReviewsDr. Who #13Creepy Comics #7 Boob Tube BonanzaWalking DeadNew GirlRaising Hope Liner NotesMarketing in the digital ageDigital music sales Creator Spotlight: Bob Layton–Part 2Matt sat down…



Newest Products

Return of the Monsters: Domino Lady vs Mummy
by Moonstone
Price: $1.99

A Return of the Originals event! The Egyptian sorceress Nephthys has promised to build her mummified mistress the perfect mate. Together, they cut a bloody swath across 1930’s Hollywood in search of the last few perfect bodies to harvest to complet…

2000 AD: Prog 1700
by 2000 AD
Price: $1.99

Cooking up a Thrill-Storm! In this issue: JUDGE DREDD // THE SKINNING ROOMMegaCity One, 2132 AD. Home to 400 million citizens, this vast urban nightmare is situated along the eastern coast of postapocalyptic North America. With overcrowding rife and une…

Darkness #53
by Top Cow
Price: $1.99

The twisted journey of Jackie Estacado, bearer of The Darkness, an elemental force that allows those who wield it access to an otherworldly dimension and control over the demons who dwell there, continues! The Darkness created by Marc Silvestri, Garth En…

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