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Archie in “Charity Ball!” – Veronica signs the gang up to play in her father’s charity baseball game benefitting the march of dimes! Fly balls and home runs abound as the team pulls together earning more money for the charity each time they score! How much will the team manage to raise by the final inning? Find out in these pages!


Dilton in “Brain Buster” – The gang takes turns testing out Dilton’s new invention – a phone with artificial intelligence! After a couple test runs go awry, will the phone prove its worth in Archie’s hands or end in catastrophe?


Script: John Rose, Mike Pellowski


Art: Stan Goldberg, Al Milgrom


Cover: Fernando Ruiz


160-page, full color comic






Archie is proud to present this top-notch new full-color original graphic novel for tween and teen girls created by award-winning writer/artist team J. Torres and Rick Burchett. The high literary quality of the book has led Archie to launch a simultaneous Smythe-sewn hardcover edition ideal for libraries and collectors.
Feisty tomboy high school freshman Jinx explores the social perils of the high school experience as old friendships change and she struggles with the new expectations attached to becoming a young woman.
The good news is the gang’s all here at Rose Valley High: her best friends Greg and Roz as well as her greatest frenemies Charlie and Gigi. The bad news is the old gang isn’t acting quite the same in their new environment. Charlie acts like a bully when he isn’t simply acting strangely around Jinx.
However, a new school means new rules, such as no co-ed teams, which means she can’t even play ball with the boys who were in little league with her. As rules and relationships become more complicated, one thing remains the same: Jinx means bad luck to anyone who gets in the way of her getting her way!
This outstanding graphic novel is a bright, full-hearted coming of age story told with great humor, charm and compassion.
Script: J. Torres
Art: Rick Burchett
Cover by Rick Burchett
Trade Paperback
112 pp




“Remember the Fallen”: The Freedom Fighters are torn apart in the fallout from last issue. Sonic and his friends must deal with the loss in their own way, and it will change the team forever. When Silver the Hedgehog arrives looking for “the traitor,” will the weary Sonic give him a chance to speak?
Script: Ian Flynn
Art: Tracy Yardley!, Terry Austin, John Workman and Matt Herms
Cover: Yardley!, Austin and Herms
32-page, full color comic






Archie: The Married Life Vol 2 GN
Betty & Veronica Go Green!
Sonic the Hedgehog #64
Sonic the Hedgehog #65
Sonic the Hedgehog #66
Sonic: Genesis GN


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