IseeToon’s Comic Book App Murder DIEary Released for iPhone!

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Published on: April 19, 2012

Dexter meets four-panel comics!

(Seoul, South Korea, 20th. Apr. 2012) iSeeToon has released comic book app ‘Murder DIEary’ vol. 1 for iPhone/iPad as in-App-Purchase.

Murder DIEary‘ by NOMABI is a Korean webtoon, a comic created specifically for the digital medium. This gripping webtoon about an accidental serial killer won a special Korea Content Award from the Korean Creative Content Agency in 2011.

One day, Tang Lee finds that he’s become a serial killer, but all his victims happen to be evil criminals. Is he truly a cold-blooded murderer or some kind of grim hero? Meanwhile, there’s a cop getting too close for Tang Lee’s liking. Will Tang Lee be able to make a difference with his debauchery?

The Murder DIEary app currently has 13 chapters available to read at a special discount for $4.99, with four chapters free to try. Volumes two and three will be released in summer, 2012.


Chapter description


– A man awakens in a dark room. Confused and disoriented, he is greeted by a seemingly volatile madman who threatens his life. Who is this madman? And what will be this man’s fate?

Chapter 1

-Tang Lee is just a normal guy and nothing more. He goes to work following a boring routine everyday. Until one day, he does something that changes his life forever…

Chapter 2

-All he wanted to do was borrow a hammer to hang his new clock. But when he gets attacked by a man for apparently no reason at all, one swing was all that it took…

Chapter 3

-A shocked Tang can hardly believe what has just happened. He starts to plan his alibi when he realizes that he made a critical mistake… He left the weapon at the scene of the crime!

Chapter 4

-Inspector Jang is on the scene investigating the murder of the old man. He comes by the mart and interviews a nervous Tang when something shocking is revealed about the murder…


* About iSeeToon:
iSeeToon is comics(manhwa) branch of Unitviewsystem. iSeeToon publishes Korean Web Comic(Webtoon) through iPhone App Store in English. Unitviewsystem is Korean venture company.

* About Webtoon
iSeeToon releases comic book apps based on internet manhwa, which are called webtoons in Korea. Webtoons are similar to webcomics, but require the reader to scroll through the comic panel by panel instead of page by page. Webtoons are not motion comics nor digital comics with a guided view. iSeeToon comic book apps are specially edited to be read on an iPhone screen.

* App Store Link:

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