Marvel Release New Comic App For Iron Man

Just in time for the The Avengers?

All-New Comic App for Iron Man

When it comes to high tech gadgets, Iron Man and Tony Stark know a thing or two about what’s what. That’s why it makes perfect sense for the cinematic version of Shellhead to take a guided tour of his armors in an all-new comic book app from Marvel Custom Solutions and Colantotte called Marvel’s The Avengers – Iron Man: Mark VII. Written by Fred Van Lente and drawn by Steve Kurth—who teamed up previously on IRON MAN LEGACY—the interactive story set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe will give fans a comic reading experience like no other.

Art from Marvel’s The Avengers – Iron Man: Mark VII by Steve Kurth

“Each page is basically a large splash, with movable elements, sound effects, dialogue, animation—definitely one of the more unique projects I’ve ever had to tackle,” Van Lente says. “Steve Kurth and I came up with some clever effects.”

“Not only does this 16-page adventure take you on a guided journey through the evolution of Iron Man’s cinematic armor, but it also lets you manipulate the art to trigger all sorts of cool sound and visual effects,” editor Bill Rosemann adds. “Also, there’s a handy reading mode to help out our youngest fans, plus a voice over by the suave and humorous Tony Stark himself! Add on a smoking hot cover by the great Adi Granov and you have an Iron Man event perfect for everyone who can’t wait for the Armored Avenger’s next movie appearance.”

Though the experience of creating a brand new kind of comic that progresses the story with every swipe of the finger across a screen may seem challenging, Van Lente embraced that and other hurdles while collaborating on the script.

Art from Marvel’s The Avengers – Iron Man: Mark VII by Steve Kurth

“The challenge was to make it not seem like a retread of the films, to give the reader something we haven’t seen before,” he says. “With all the interactive effects I hope we’ve managed to achieve that. The Studio provided me with a complete spreadsheet of all the armors and their various designs specs. I re-watched the films with that in one hand. It was really interesting how much thought they put into Tony’s various armors and I wanted to include [as] much realistic-sounding detail as possible.”

Colantotte creates medical equipment using anisotropic magnets that help maximize the magnetic flow sending signals all across the surface without creating dead zones. The products have been integrated into both the comic and the film.

“The company was great in providing all the reference needed,” Van Lente says. “They play an important part in [‘Marvel’s The Avengers’] I’m sure no one will be able to miss.”

Art from Marvel’s The Avengers – Iron Man: Mark VII by Steve Kurth

In addition to all the suits fans see in the films, Van Lente and Kurth also got to tackle one that got designed for the movies, but never actually appeared on screen, the Sarcophagus armor.

“That’s my favorite of the interactive bits,” Van Lente says. “I don’t want to give it away. Basically, it’s just like it sounds.”

Van Lente continued to bestow the virtues of his artistic collaborator:

“Steve is one of my favorite collaborators,” Van Lente says. “We had a great time doing IRON MAN LEGACY together and it was fun to work with him on Shellhead again.”

To get the full experience head to the app store and download Marvel’s The Avengers – Iron Man Mark: VII app today!

For more, visit Colantotte’s official web site

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