Cloud 9: Witch Hunter, Dreadlocks & More

Here are the latest comics available from Cloud 9 Comics on iOS and Android.



Witch Hunter #7
Story & Letters: Vincent Ferrante
Pencils: Scott
Inks: Victor Dominicis
Color: Alzir Alves
Editor: Lisa Hager
Genre: Superhero, Adventure, Horror, Sci Fi, Fantasy
Format: Full color, 34/48 pages
Price: $0.99
Publisher: Monarch Comics

Forged in the flames of the 1692 witch hunts, Jon Redmont is resurrected 300 years later at the dawn of a new old world order controlled by the elder races of the Earth. He is endowed with the combined strength and knowledge of his coven, a spell making him resistant to magic used against him, and an irreverence to the powers that be in the shadows known as The Scarlet Circle. They point the finger of blame at everyone else while they steal all the magic for themselves, using it to turn our world into their world.

Opposing the darkness without being darkened by it, Jon Redmont now hunts the hunters as…WITCH HUNTER!




Extinct #5
Writer: Fabian Rangel Jr
Art & Cover art: Jethro Morales
Genre: Horror
Format: Full color, 24 pages
Price: $0.99 USD
Publisher: 215 Ink

1985. Texas. Jimmy Reynolds is the school punching bag. He has one friend, and a crush on a girl he can never have. Meanwhile the school Pricipal begins to show his darker side. After getting bullied on his birthday, Jimmy decides enough is enough and retaliates. Jimmy, his best friend, and his crush get detention. As the full moon rises, Jimmy realizes his troubles have only just begun..








Interplanetary Lizards of the Texas Plains #3
Writer: Alan Jude Summa, Glenn A. Boyd, Laura F. Summa
Pencils: Glenn A. Boyd
Inks: Alan Jude Summa
Cover Art: Alan Jude Summa
Letters: Laura F. Summa
Genre: Sci Fi, Western
Language: English
Format: Black & white, 30 pages
Price: $0.99
Publisher: Leadbelly Productions

As the Time Probe comes to a stop the Lizards are greeted by an unearthly scream. They look out to see a castle perched high upon a hill. They soon arrive at the Castle Vlak, occupied by the creepy Baron Von Boris. Accepting dinner and a room, the trio soon start to realize that they are the prisoners of their strange host. Looking out the window they see Willibeet and The Probe being hauled into the castle. The Lizards escape and free Willibeet. They board the probe and return to Texas 1850 only to find the grave of their friend, Morris Hoover, who appears to have been killed by the Toad.





Dreadlocks: War of the Gods #3
Writer: Andrew L. Batts
Art: Donnel McClure
Colors: Corey Green
Cover Art:  Mishindo
Genre: Action/Adventure
Format: Full Color, 28 pages
Price: $0.99 USD
Publisher: Urban Style Comics

Dreadlocks follows an ancient order of Egypt known as Ma’at which means truth, order and righteousness. He bears a cross on his chest that is called an ankh which symbolizes true divine life and eternal life. He was created as a symbol of a culture that has been lost through slavery, time, and increasing fallacies.







Dreadlocks: The Revelations #3
Writer: Andre L. Batts
Art: Abdul Rashid
Colors: Andre L. Batts
Cover Art: Christopher Irvin
Genre: Acton/Adventure
Format: Full Color, 28 pages
Price: $0.99 USD
Publisher: Urban Style Comics

One man’s quest to become one like the gods through the book of death, finds himself being consumed by the powers that are within its pages as it controls his every thought and his actions. The search for mysterious murders continues. Kaaria (Dreadlocks) comes closer to the one known as Anakis.

The one called Anakis lures Dreadlocks to a parallel dimension where the battle of the past and future collide as one.






Tezlon: Glance of Time #2
Writer/Creator: Larry Lonsby Jr
Artwork: Jason Meents
Colorist: Larry Lonsby Jr
Genre: Action / Fantasy
Format: Black & white, 22 pages
Price: $0.99 USD
Publisher: Larry Lonsby Jr


What if one day you woke up and realized you were different?

Everything you knew about your life was a lie, and there was a dark terrible evil hunting you.

Fever dreams of another place, another time…and with magical powers which you struggle to understand.

What if it led you to another world, a world filled with adventure, of destiny…of magic?





Tezlon: The Swordsman Prologue #2
Writer/Creator: Larry Lonsby Jr
Artwork: Arif Gunawan
Script Editor: Jeremy Housdan
Guest Inker in part #2: Brian Germain
Colorist: Santosh Kumar Rath & Gaim Studios
Graphic Design: Robert Johnston
Genre: Action / Fantasy
Format: Full color, 28 pages
Price: $0.99 USD
Publisher: Larry Lonsby Jr

After the war of ogres, several elite veteran soldiers were gathered under the guidance of their king, Tristin Malant to become the knights of Sigil. Their service to the kingdom brought hope after the onslaught of war. Now twenty years have passed, with no wars to fight. Gedrik Mahalakye, leader of the Knights of Sigil, uncovers an insidious plot to kill the king of Shado. Will the king’s swordsman be able to thwart the plans of a betraying queen and her malicious lover in time? This is the beginning, where the tapestry weave of a legendary story begins to piece itself together.


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