DC Comics: The Aquaman 101 Weekend Sale

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Published on: May 18, 2012

From Comixology:





Download half-price Aquaman comics on comiXology this weekend!


We’re diving down deep for this weekend’s Aquaman 101 sale. Get half-price comics featuring everyone’s favorite underwater hero for a limited time starting at midnight tonight and running through the weekend.


Take a swim through classic Aquaman adventures. Witness the birth of a legend in Aquaman: Sword of Atlantis. Revist the world of Flashpoint with Emperor Aquaman and Experience the Atlantis Chronicles like never before.


Check out these tales and so much more! It’s all here this weekend on comiXology.


Don’t miss the destructive and deadly climax of Aquaman’s first true test of heroism! He must take command in an all-out undersea war to defeat an enemy who nearly killed him, and embrace or reject his destiny. Plus, Aquaman discovers new powers, and secrets behind his alliance with King are revealed.


Months ago, the war between the Amazons and the Atlanteans escalated and spilled over into the rest of the world after Emperor Aquaman submerged Rome underwater. Now, learn the truth behind one of the biggest events in the world of FLASHPOINT.


This weekend is all about Aquaman and comiXology’s got you covered! Download half-price Aquaman comics and get ready to swim with the fishes. Just remember to leave your digital device on shore. These comics are sure to make a big splash!


This sale ends with the weekend so don’t miss out. Head over to comiXology.com and add these spectacular digital comics to your digital library. Don’t let this sale swim away.


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