Marvel Monday Sale – 50% Off Cable Comics

From Comixology:

Before Hope was the mutant messiah she was a little girl lost. Witness the saga of Cable for half-price today!

Cable has been tasked with safeguarding the Messiah of the mutant race! To protect the infant savior, Cable heads to the future. But hot on his trail is a relentless enemy who won’t stop until blood is spilled!

Cable has travelled forward in the time stream to keep Hope messiah safe from the clutches of Lucas Bishop. In an effort to rescue to the time-travelling pair, Cyclops dispatches X-force!

It’s Bishop versus X-Force in a battle that will have the X-Men’s time-travelling former ally using all the tricks up his sleeve!

After all he’s been through, after all he’s survived, now all Cable can do now is pray–pray the heavily-armed killers roaming the deep future can’t match his survival skills. And what is the fate of Hope–the so-called “Mutant Messiah”?

Take advantage of today’s $0.99 sale! Download issues #1 – 25 of Cable for half-price right now!


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