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Here are this weeks digital comics available from Archie Comics:



It’s summer time at Uncle Hugo’s Sunny Side Fun Camp and all the young campers are anxious to run the obstacle course. But first, it’s up to camp counselor Archie to demonstrate just how it’s done. The reliable klutz that he is, Archie will do his best to not fulfill Uncle Hugo’s disastrous predictions and prove it’s “No Obstacle!”
As Little Betty bakes cookies for Veronica’s party, Caramel the cat adds a secret ingredient or two which may just be what Mrs. Lodge could use for bird watching! Sound crazy? Read Little Betty in “Mighty Mix” to discover just how so!
Script: Mike Pellowski, Bob Bolling
Art: Bob Bolling, Jim Amash
Cover: Stan Goldberg
160-page, full color comic

Jughead in “Getting a Job” – While Archie and Chuck head off to the job fair in hopes of securing summer jobs, Jughead lies on the beach doing what he does best – munching on munchies! If anyone can find a way to make money doing what they love, it’s Jughead!
Jughead in “The Souvenir Collectors” – The Archies have become so popular that crazed fans have begun stealing their possessions as souvenirs. However, one fan takes it too far when they mess with the ultimate Jughead memorabilia – his hat! All hope seems lost, but can the Archies’ number one fans assist in the hat’s safe return?
Script: George Gladir, Fernando Ruiz
Art: Pat Kennedy, Stan Goldberg, Fernando Ruiz, Ken Selig, Jon D’Agostino
Cover: Fernando Ruiz, Rich Koslowski
32-page, full color comic

Jughead in “Chompin’ Champion” – Being Pop’s number one customer is one of Jughead’s defining characteristics. However, a customer who never pays his tab isn’t exactly a great business model so Pop tells Jughead it’s time to pay up or never come back! That is, unless Jughead can place first at the National Hamburger Festival, thus providing Pop with a claim to fame. Will Jughead become the all-time hamburger eating champ and clear his debt or has he dined at Pop’s for the last time? Check out this exciting issue to find out!
Script: Craig Boldman
Art: Rex Lindsey, Rich Koslowski
Cover: Rex Lindsey
160-page, full color comic

“Unsung Heroes” Part Two: When Sonic is away, the SECRET FREEDOM FIGHTERS make evil pay! Deep under the city, in the scar left by the Battle Bird Armada, the evil wizard Ixis Naugus is shaping the earth to his whim. Elias, the deposed king, must lead his squad of Secret Freedom Fighters to find out what’s going on! But with Naugus able to control the stones and shadows, will Elias’ team emerge alive?
Script: Ian Flynn
Art: Tracy Yardley!, Jim Amash, Jack Morelli and Steve Downer
Cover: Tracy Yardley!, Jack Morelli and Steve Downer
Variant Cover: SEGA
32-page, full color comic




Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water… Archie and his chums may be in over their heads in this 100+ page digital exclusive! The gang tangles with some ferocious underwater monsters, including the king of the sea- the Great White Shark! Will the gang make it to shore, or will they end up as fish food? Find out in one of our most thrilling Digital Exclusives yet!

It’s time to get your game on! Celebrate the legacy of Mobius’s speediest hero with a collection of some of his finest video game adaptations! In this first volume, we look back at the beginning of Sonic’s legacy. From Genesis to Game Gear and beyond, Sonic’s classic 2-D adventures launched him into stardom! This Digital Exclusive collects over 120 pages and features adaptations of Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic & Knuckles, Sonic Triple Trouble and more!

Archie #211

Archie is a typical small-town teenager. Generous, well-mannered, but clumsy, he is genuinely liked by many of his friends. Archie goes crazy when he sees an attractive girl, but mainly dates Veronica Lodge and Betty Cooper. He has taken various employment, but despite the best intentions, often clumsily breaks things, coming in conflict with Veronica’s father Hiram Lodge and Riverdale High’s principal, Waldo Weatherbee. As the lead singer of The Archies, Archie performs with Betty, Veronica, Reggie, and Jughead.


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