Get Evil Inc August With Bonus Material

Webcomic Evil Inc comes in a digital download version, with bonus materials – here is the news on the latest issue!

I’m offering the entire upcoming month of Evil Inc strips as a $3 digital download. If you enjoy reading the strip in a continuous run, and hate waiting for those cliff-hangers, then you now have the option of reading ahead.

Here are a few details:

• No ads, no interruptions, no waiting.

• This month features the beginning of an epic space adventure with Miss Match, Lightning Lady and Desdemona — with Captain Scarr (the “Buccanette”) at the helm.

• PLUS: A special “From the Archives of Evil Inc”… Death Fog audits Evil Inc departments, looking for places to cut the budget, and he discovers the department responsible for re-acclimating villains who have returned from the dead.

• Saturday strips are not included. They’re not part of the story, and I usually prepare those on the fly (sorry, Muskiday), a couple day before they appear on the site. The download collects Monday-through-Friday strips from July 31- Aug. 31.

Just don’t spoil it for the others!

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