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Latest releases from Cloud 9 Comix for Wednesday, September 12, 2012

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Infinity #6
Story & Art: Lewis Jones
Genre: Action, Fantasy
Format: Black & white, 22 pages
Price: $0.99
Publisher: Spectrum Pacific Publishing / Cloud 9 Comix

Infinity is… The introspective dream & the harsh reality

Siwel (Sy for short) is a bright kid that was issued an unforgiving life. For his trials it seems that life only continues to haunt him; recently losing his mother to a prolonged battle with cancer. A mentor and leader, he’s lost without her and turns a blind eye on life as a means to cope.

Though the time has passed, the pain in him is as real as the day she was taken from his life. From this came a new “friend”; a comic book. A stand-in diary. In it he relives his days without the hardship, but soon comes to find that the story he began on paper is more real than he ever imagined.

An Introspection; a raw and unforgiving view into himself. Sy hadn’t a clue to the dangers of bottling up such deep sorrow – the effects of that rippling throughout his journeys. Now, in this life without “her”, he’s tasked to sort things before it’s too late.




Binary Gray #3
Writer: Chris Charlton
Artist: Rowel Roque
Colors: Anthonie Wilson
Letters: Brant W. Fowler
Genre: Superhero, Action, Drama
Language: English
Format:Full color, 24 pages
Price: $0.99
Publisher: Assailant Comics

Since the death of his father at an early age, Alex Gray’s life has been a series of disappointments. After an accident at his job as an IT Technician leaves him with the ability to communicate with electronic devices, Alex becomes the ultimate hacker. Tracking his father’s killer, Alex finds himself heading down a trail of conspiracies and cover-ups in this super-hero action drama, leaving the question: Who is the hunter and who is the hunted?

Elements of both Classic and Modern era comics collide in this super hero action-drama with a biting sense of humor.




The Adventures of Astrodog
Writer: A. Jaye Williams
Art: Alison Williams
Genre: Sci Fi, Adventure
Language: English
Format: Full color, 24 pages
Price: $1.99
Publisher: SillWill Studios

Another baffling mystery for Jessica Trouble, her cousin Nathan, and her super-smart dog, Rocket! Set in Luna City on Earth’s moon, the young, mystery-loving kids are excited to learn that their favourite actress, Astrid O’Dell, is coming to Luna City to promote her latest movie. But things don’t go as planned! Astrid suddenly and mysteriously disappears, and the list of suspects is not small.

Could the spurned fan club president be behind Astrid’s vanishing? Perhaps the devious criminals known as the Space Phantoms? Maybe her recently betrayed former partner is out for revenge? Or is it someone else all together? Wherever the truth lies, Jessica, Nathan, and Rocket are determined to discover the truth–no matter how dangerous the circumstances!

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