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This is something that has been building for a while, and I’m really looking forward to the 30th!

Check out what the team behind it had to say!

ACES WEEKLY is an exclusively digital comic art magazine tailored
for computer and tablet, featuring top talents in sequential art from
around the globe. Published by David Lloyd – the man who brought
you V For Vendetta – and managed by ex- Marvel editor, Bambos
Georgiou, Aces Weekly offers an exciting new opportunity for
creators in the medium of comic art : the ability to connect directly
with their readers, unchained by the limitations of retail and
distribution which, for decades, have restricted the reach of many
great comics stories published for print. Creators in Aces Weekly are
given the freedom to tell almost any story they want to tell, with
complete ownership of their creation assured, and an equal share of
all income generated.
Join us for a bold new venture in digital entertainment, brought to you
by some of the best and brightest storytellers in the world!
Aces Weekly can be acquired only via our website – And appears every 7 days with continuing
stories from great creators, including…

David Lloyd, Kyle Baker, David Hitchcock, John McCrea, Lew
Stringer, Mark Wheatley, Yishan Li, Herb Trimpe, David Leach, Alain
Mauricet, Paul Maybury, Billy Tucci, Bill Sienkiewicz, Marc Hempel,
James Hudnall, Carl Critchlow, Kev Hopgood, Steve Bissette, Val
Mayerick, Henry Flint, Dan Christensen, Shaky Kane, Dave Hine,
Colleen Doran, Dylan Teague… and many more.

In Volume One, 5 serials in 3-page episodes run over 7-weeks…

Return Of The Human : by JC Vaughan and Mark Wheatley. A
thousand years after humanity abandoned the poisoned Earth to
build an empire across the stars, one man returns. Lance McCoy
finds the Mother Planet is more than anyone suspected. But will it be
enough to save his Galactic Civilization from a relentless attack that
seems designed to exterminate mankind?
Valley of Shadows : by David Lloyd and Dave Jackson. Set in a
future Calfornia where the Sun now rarely shines, a dissolute security
guard becomes an accidental hero saving a little girl from kidnappers
intent on using her blood and bone to save the life of a magnate’s
dying son.
Progenitor : John McCrea and Phil Hester. When a futuristic
starship crashes on the surface of a primordial world, the marooned
crew must battle not only ferocious prehistoric monsters to survive,
but the deadly and mysterious cargo they once carried, now loose on
the savage planet.
Paradise Mechanism : by David Hitchcock and Kerry Hitchcock.
In a perfect 13th century society split abruptly by forces of evil, war is
waged to restore balance in the world before the darkness
contaminates all of time.
Shoot The Moon : Alain Mauricet and Alex Tefenkgi. Competition
and bitter rivalry blight the relationship between two friends. Both
astronauts, as eager as the other to be the first to set foot on the
A fantastic bunch of short stories by a gaggle of great humour comics
creators, including Esteban Hernandez, Mychailo Kazybrid,
Bambos Georgiou and Rory Walker, with Carl Critchlow, Lew
Stringer, David Leach, and Phil Elliott, bringing back to life four of
British comics most famous characters : Thrud the Barbarian,
Psycho Gran, Combat Colin, and a Tale From Gimbley!
Plus… a plethora of extras – sketches, scripts, character designs, and
roughs for all those who love the nuts and bolts of all the hard work
and inventiveness that goes into the creation of great comics and the
fantastic worlds that we’ll be presenting to you in Aces Weekly,
Volume One!
And then we do it all again but differently, in Volume Two, Volume
Three, Volume Four…
Until you tell us to stop..!

Remember Remember The 30th of September

Aces Weekly Online Magazine Launches
Sept 18, 2012- David Lloyd (V for Vendetta, Kickback) empowered the world
with his iconoclastic Guy Fawkes mask in V for Vendetta. Today, comic
conspirator Lloyd is changing the world with his publishing launch of an
ambitious new online magazine called Aces Weekly. is a sequential art magazine, available exclusively through
on-line subscription which will be released as seven weekly issues which form
a volume. Each issue will have 3 landscape pages from 6 teams of
contributors, plus many pages of extras such as artists sketches etc. Readers
subscribe to volumes which cost £6.99/$9.99 per seven issue volume. Aces
Weekly will be available exclusively on-line and feature all-new material.
Stored online, readers have access to their magazine wherever they have
web access. The website goes live September 30, 2012. What makes Aces
Weekly special? The creators have more control then ever before.

Lloyd explained the origin of the magazine, “The aim was to create something
very much like a traditional weekly comic but without limiting the subject
matter. We asked a range of creators who we knew to be excellent – the
reason for the ‘ aces ‘ of our name – to do whatever they liked within certain
bounds of taste, and they just came up with a great mix of stories. Creators in
this business rarely get asked to do whatever they like, so that’s part of the
pull of the project for them. And they’re enthused by the newness of the
project and its potential for growth.”
Bambos Georgiou is the managing editor; “Most comic companies use
creators to make money for the company, this company has been set up to
make money for the creators. This time readers will know their money is going
direct to the creators.” All strips are creator owned.

Lloyd, who along with writer Dave Jackson has created Valley Of Shadows for, has gathered together some of the top names in the comic
industry to appear in Aces Weekly, such as Kyle Baker, Steve Bissette,
Colleen Doran, Bill Sienkiewicz, Billy Tucci and Herb Trimpe, including,
alongside him in the first volume ; Phil Hester & John McCrea (Progenitor), JC
Vaughn & Mark Wheatley (Return Of The Human) Alain Mauricet & Alexandre
Tefenkgi (Shoot For The Moon) and David Hitchcock (Paradise Mechanism)
who all contribute twenty-one page stories serialized over the first seven issue

run. Also included in the first volume are stand alone three page strips by
Lew Stringer (Combat Colin), Carl Critchlow (Thrud The Barbarian), David
Leach (Psycho Gran), Esteban Hernández(Harmony), Phil Elliott
(Gimbley)Rory Walker (Chloroform) and Mychailo Kazybrid & Bambos (Dr

Check out goes on sale September 30, 2012, a seven
issue subscription costs £6.99/$9.99/€7.99
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