Drive Thru Comics: Halloween Specials!

Drive Thru Comics have released this weeks digital comics with some Halloween offerings!

Free Product of the Week

Free weekly productWitch Hunter, issue 1
by Monarch Comics

This 44-page 1st issue features Witch Hunter’s origin and first adventure, a schematic of his magic detection device and portal tuner, the Witch Watch, a Witch Hunter public disservice announcement pin-up, and a page from The Lantern newsmagazine, being the last, fading light of truth in the media.

44-page 1st Issue Special – FULL COLOR – Includes Origin, Bonus Features, Pin-ups, Standalone Introductory Adventure, & Portents of Larger, Ongoing Story!

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Other Featured Titles

Featured TitleFlare #29
by Heroic Publishing

He’s the world’s most notorious assassin. Flare’s met him once before. But then she wasn’t his target. “The Return of Duel” is by Wilson Hill, Gordon Purcell, and Terry Pallot.

And Flare’s electric little sister Sparkplug stars in the Halloween adventure, “Trick or Treat,” by Wilson Hill and Terry Pallot.

$2.99 $1.50

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Featured TitleTales from the Evil Inc Archive: Halloween (Oct. 2012)
by Evil Inc comics

Evil Inc is a corporation run for super-villains by super-villains.

This is a special bonus download, offering all of the best Halloween-themed comics by Brad Guigar in over 12 years of daily comics.

It includes spooky tales from Greystone InnEvil Inc and the Eisner-nominated Phables.


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Featured TitleIF-X Halloween (vol.3)
by FanBabes

At a pivotal moment in her life, former junkie/hooker Cabra Cini found a new addiction–voodoo–and from there she crafted a new vocation–developing her own bastardized version of the art to carry out hits!


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It’s Halloween week, and what better way to celebrate the official holiday of horror than with some comics filled with monsters, witches and robots?

We asked our resident comic podcasters to help us out with some recommended comics and here we go…

First up is Brian LeTendre from Secret Identity Podcast, of which you can download over 270 episodes here at DriveThruComics!

Lovecraft fans should also check out Brian’s new novel, which is available at DriveThruFiction!

Brian’s List:

Rob Bot Halloween Rob-Usto Special

This holiday issue is a great way to get into the world of Rob Bot. Rob is a mechanic with a gift for repairing robots. He, alongside his robot sidekick Reggie experience some of the supernatural mysteries of Halloween in this anthology of stories. A robotic riff on the Headless Horseman is the main feature.

Witch Hunter #9

The Illuminati-like Scarlet Circle has their hands in everything from consumer products to politics, and this time around Witch Hunter finds himself up against their Public Relations rep. She’s a witch named Encantar, and if she can’t ruin Witch Hunter reputation, she settle for killing him on live television.

Eeek! #5

An anthology series that calls back to the days of EC Comics, this issue features a trio of tales. A story of vengeance involving a jailhouse snitch, a nighclub run by the undead, and an undertaker who can’t keep his corpses buried provide both scares and laughs in this one.

Ex Occultus: Seal of Solomon

Francis Wakefield and his protege Hollander are treasure hunting adventurers who often find themselves tangling with the forces of the supernatural. In this tale, Wakefield and hollander travel to Bulgaria in 1894 and are hired to find a ring that can allegedly control demons. They manage to track down the ring, but its current owner isn’t looking to give it up. Worse still, he’s figured how to use it.

Awakening #1

Derrick Peters is a former police officer now working as a P.I. in the town of Park Falls. While working on a missing person case, Derrick finds links to other disappearances in the area, and a connection to the local pharmaceutical company that suggests the disappearances were no mere accidents. This first chapter sets the table for a great twist on the zombie genre.

Next we have a list from Dan Royer, whose episodes ofDiscussions with Decapitated Dan are available now at DriveThruComics!

Dan’s List:

Drop Dead Dangerous #1

This book is a shining example of why Drivethru Comics is such a great service. Not only is this book an amazing read and super cheap to check out, but it is also not made in the U.S. This was my 2011 pick for the Best Book You Never Heard of because it contains amazing artwork with serial killing goodness! A treat for anyone who gets a chance to read it.

Bloody Hell

With a fantastic mix of some GORE-Geous artwork and killer stories, this anthology is a must read. These 3 stories gave me everything I could have ever wanted in an anthology and now my only problem is that I need more.

Asylum of Horrors #1

Wow! I just finished dancing a nice old fashioned jig after reading this book. A fantastic collection of 13 stories that will only cost you pennies! This book delivers on so many different levels. From subtle horror stories to in your face gross out gore it has it all.

Bone Chiller

This trade stood out to me a bit more than some others because each story was really different from the next.Containing 10 great stories, 8 from the single issues and adding in 2 new ones, this is a great collection and a must read for a horror fan.

Brutally Frank #1

I can’t say that this one is technically horror, but it sure is dark, and I like it. Burns delivers on the story and artwork page after page. This will grab you with issue #1 and not let go until you read them all.

So there you have it–a little something for everyone in this year’s Halloween grab bag. Enjoy the holiday, and check out the rest of the horror titles on!

Pick of the Week

Pick of the WeekArtifacts #22
by Top Cow


Tom Judge and Tilly Grimes are not the only ones that know the hidden truths of the universe. The Catholic Church knows dark realities kept secret from the world and they have agents to protect us from those secrets. Whether we want them to… or not.

RON MARZ (MAGDALENA, SHINKU) and STJEPAN SEJIC (ANGELUS) re-introduce one of Top Cow’s most popular characters into the “Rebirth” universe in a special two-part story.


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New at

Courting the King in Yellow

Courting the King in YellowA new novel by Secret Identity co-host Brian LeTendre!

When Melotte Pharmaceutical moved into the struggling city of Springfield, residents saw it as a godsend.

But while the city’s fortunes appear to be turning around, something sinister is brewing within its homeless population.

Four newfound friends stumble onto a horrific plan for the city, and their lives will never be the same again. Because on Halloween night, a new horror will be coming to Springfield, and they are the only ones who can stop it.

Courting the King in Yellow is available now at!

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Trick or Treat at DriveThruComics!


Newest Free Products

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Secret Identity Podcast Issue #471–Marvel Zombies, Animal Man and Nightwing
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Newest Products

Bartholomew of the Scissors Trade
by Blue Water Productions
Price: $3.99

Spectral Phantasms have invaded our world. These ghostly creatures from another dimension occupy the human brain and endow their host wit h spectacular paranormal abilities. Private investigator Gordon Watt, long-aware of the spectral phantasms, investigat…

Ray Harryhausen Presents Jason & the Argonauts: Kingdom of Hades #2
by Blue Water Productions
Price: $1.99

The quest to find the Golden Fleece is over, but now Jason a nd his band of Argonauts must embark on a new and more difficult journey– the journey home! Pursued by a vengeful Aeetes, the Argonauts will brave many dangers, encounter old friends and new, a…

William F. Nolan’s Logan’s Run: Aftermath #1
by Blue Water Productions
Price: $1.99

The Thinker is destroyed, the world is in chaos, and Logan wants nothing to do with it. But the world isn’t done with him yet and when the lives of Jessica and his son Jaq are put in jeopardy, Logan must once again don his armor. Logan’s Run: Aftermath…

William Shatner Presents: The Tek War Chronicles #1
by Blue Water Productions
Price: $1.99

After spending 4 years in cryogenic stasis for crimes he is certain he did not commit, Jake Cardigan is mysteriously released. Finding himself lost in a world that has ch anged since his incarceration, Jake tries to put his life back together. His wife and…

10th Muse #800 #3
by Blue Water Productions
Price: $1.99

Legendary filmmaker Ray Harryhausen reimagines Bluewater’s flagship title the 10th Muse. First it was the Gorgons, now it’s the Furies. The Muse of Justice just cannot get a break! When the mysterious Brock Sumter turns a large number of Olympia’s fem…

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