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Free weekly productAzteca #1
by Red Stylo Media

AZTECA is a new series about a vigilante serial killer in Mexico who believes he can stop the world from ending in 2012. Instead of murdering innocents, Nicho hunts drug cartel soldiers and other criminals, offering them up as bloody human sacrifice to forgotten Aztec gods.

A silent killer is cutting up bad guys in the resort city of Quetzecan, Mexico. A trio of corner drug dealers. Five hoods in a warehouse. All of the victims are soldiers in the Cardenas Cartel and the body count is rising. Strange Aztec symbols drawn in blood at every grisly scene only hint at the killer’s agenda as the clock ticks down to 2012. The beginning of the end is NOW… (see the motion comic at

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Other Featured Titles

Featured TitleFeminism in the Worlds of Neil Gaiman
by McFarland

Essays on the Comics, Poetry and Prose

This collection of new essays looks carefully at the broad spectrum of Neil Gaiman’s work and how he interacts with feminism.

Sixteen diverse essays from Gaiman scholars examine highlights from Gaiman’s graphic novels, short stories, novels, poems and screenplays, and confront the difficult issues he raises, including femininity, the male gaze, issues of age discrimination, rape, and feminine agency.

Altogether the essays probe the difficult and complex representation of women and issues of femininity in the worlds of Neil Gaiman.

$35.00 $24.99

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Featured TitleMakeshift Miracle Book 1: The Girl From Nowhere

A young boy named Colby Reynolds searches for meaning in the world around him and discovers a place where dreams can come true – if he’s willing to pay the price!

Along the way he’ll see sights he’s never fathomed and encounter hidden truths about himself he’ll wish he never knew.

The hit online comic is now a beautiful, high-quality graphic novel, perfect for teen readers and manga fans.

$19.99 $11.99

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Featured TitleDiabolo Vol. 1 (manga)
by Digital Manga

Something extra-wicked comes this way! Ren and Rai play with fire when they sell their souls to the demon Diabolo to save Ren’s cousin.

Diabolo gives Ren the power of ultimate offense and Rai the power of ultimate defense. However, those who fall into the Diabolo’s trap start to go crazy at 17, and at age 18 they reach the point of no return…


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Featured TitleTwilight Lady v3: Nemesis of Decay
by Corridor Media

The Nameless Lady in the Hood confronts her nemesis Eleanor, whose elaborate revenge scheme is already in motion.

$9.95 $1.99

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Political Power

Bluewater Productions’ Political Power line of comics has you covered this election season with in-depth biographies of candidates and pundits from across the spectrum…


It’s liberals versus conservatives, Democrats versus Republicans, BLUE versus RED in this year’s high stakes Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em robots-style election.

Who will get knocked off his block?

Only time will tell, but until then, Political Power: Romney Obama 2012offers an extensive look at the backgrounds of both candidates.

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Other Political Power titles from Bluewater include:

Presidents fo the United States – This new graphic novel features the Presidents of the United States, Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, George Bush, and Ronald Reagan.

Barack Obama – Pick up this wildly entertaining and factual look at the life of our 44th president from writer Chris Ward (Twisted ToyFare Theatre, Ninja Tales) and artist Azim Akberali (Wrath of the Titans) and see why everyone from CNN to Howard Stern is buzzing.

Mitt Romney – Mitt Romney is smart, principaled and he knows how to crunch numbers which is why the Republican party sees him as the Great White Hope in the 2012 presidental election.

Jon Stewart – Learn how a young man overcame anti-Semitic bullying at an early age to eventually make millions of people laugh and how someone who once held jobs as varied as a puppeteer for children with disabilities, a caterer, a busboy, a shelf stocker and a bartender wound up helming a consistent ratings powerhouse and perennial Emmy winning show that ironically has more influence than most of the shows it satirizes.

Bill O’Reilly – Bill O’Reilly has overcome humble beginnings to become a best-selling author and the most famous pundit on TV today and more powerful than the majority of the politicians he covers. While his style has become legendary and some of his on-air confrontations have become classics, this is a chance to learn what “”factors”” influenced him at a young age to become the brash, influential, opinionated superstar he is today.

Hillary Clinton – From her beginnings at Wellesley to the battle for the democratic presidential nomination, Hillary Clinton has from the outset raised critical issues of feminism, politics, and philosophy. Telling the story of her life, Hillary Clinton will explore the former first lady from her detractors to those who would nominate her.

Condoleezza Rice – A special one-shot that chronicles Rice’s life from her childhood to her accomplished career as the 1st African American woman to hold the United States, Secretary of State position. This issue will document how Condoleezza Rice became one of the most powerful women in the past decade.

Democrats – This new graphic novel features the comic book biographies of  Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Al Franken, and Ted Kennedy. Featuring a cover by famed artist Joe Phillips, the series has been featured on everything from CNN to People Magazine!

Republicans – This new graphic novel features the comic book biographies of Sarah Palin, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Rush Limbaugh & Glenn Beck. Featuring a cover by famed artist Joe Phillips. The series has been featured on FOX NEWS to People Magazine!”

Bluewater Productions has over 30 different Political Power comics available now and more on the way!

O'Reilly - Stewart

Pick of the Week

Pick of the WeekStrange Detective Mysteries
by Dusk Comics

Delve into a world full of crime, horror, and murder. Set in a 1900’s enhanced with the machinations of steampunk.

Follow the struggles of a group of renowned people as they fight against a hideous evil that threatens their very existence.

Created by Terry Pavlet / Sam Gafford
$5.00 $0.99

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New at

Project: Aeros by A. P. Torre

Project: AerosWhen the Consortium, a planetary alliance of more than a hundred non-violent, peace-loving worlds, is suddenly forced into war with the Rengrr, a race of ferocious brutes from a nearby sector, the leaders of the Consortium must find a way to rekindle their people’s fighting spirit. With time running out, they recreate “the Protector,” an all-powerful God from their distant past. But to do this they need someone who knows how to wield that power. Someone from outside the Consortium. Someone from Earth.

Hundreds of light years away, U.S. fighter pilot Major Christian Harmon languishes in Fort Leavenworth prison, serving a life sentence for a crime he didn’t commit. A wild electrical storm teleports him to an alien ship high overhead and he is thrust into an adventure of love, betrayal, and ancient alien lore that may cost billions of lives across the galaxy.

Can he be the legendary “Aeros” and save them all?

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Newest Free Products

Megabook M2
by CE Publishing Group

MEGABOOK M2, the Biggest FREE Comic book in the Universe! 45 stories and 465 pages long! Amazing comics from 12 different publishers and 101 creator s. Everything you could want in one Giant Book! Here is a Ton of amazing adventures from fabulous creators …

The Gifted Path
by CE Publishing Group

In the world of The Gifted Path, There are many paths…few are gifted…There’s more to our modern world t han meets the eye…It offers the possibility that we were meant to live for purposes far grander than what we have come to know ins…

Catfight – Escape from Limbo
by CE Publishing Group

CE Publishing presents to you Steve Zyskowski’s Catfight – Escape from Limbo , a Lightning Comics revival! Another Lightning Comics Revival! Catfight is back with a vengence! Beware weary reader in your sleep! Catfight will be there slaying evil horde…



Newest Products

Think Tank #3
by Top Cow
Price: $1.99

BREAKING FREE!Dr. David Loren has had enough. Enough of the death and destruction at his hands. Enough of the military men that control his life. Tonight, David finally m akes his move to escape from the military think tank that has been his prison and pla…

First Family: The Obamas
by Blue Water Productions
Price: $5.99

Barack Obama’s story inspired a nation, but you’ve never seen it told like this! Pick up this wildly entertaining and factual look at the life of our 44th president and the newest 1st Lady, Michelle Obama. A mother and a political force, it’s obvious tha…

Victoria’s Secret Service: Nemesis Rising #2
by Blue Water Productions
Price: $1.99

Scarlet, VSS’s newest memb er, takes on her first mission — to guard Great Britain’s least-favorite royal, the prodigal Prince Garson, from a terrorist attack. Disguised as a cocktail waitresses, the team must secretly prevent the flirty, teenaged prince…

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