10 questions with… Daniel Govar of Comic Book Think Tank

1. Who are you and what are you working on right now? (2 questions in 1, I know!)

Daniel Govar – I am working on experimental projects with Ron Perazza at the comicbookthinktank.com as well as a couple of creator-owned projects.

2. What drew you to digital comics?

The fact that you can go beyond the page – do things that print can’t. It’s largely an unexplored area in comics and many are just starting to touch on what digital comics can be.

3. Webcomics or digital comics?

Aren’t they the same? I would say digital as it implies more than a desktop system (tablets, phones, etc), but even those can use the web.

4. What do you think works with digital comics?

Strong storytelling – same as print. I think just about anything goes with digital comics, but motion comics – comics where the user takes a more passive role, is a turn-off to most readers.

5. Can digital comics replace print comics?

I think people will always love paper. I know I do, but I think perhaps monthlies may be replaced by digital far in the future. We are swiftly becoming a more digital culture. I see TPB always being in paper though – more of a collector’s bookshelf piece.

6. How can print comics work with digital comics?

Different content. I personally don’t like the “conversion” practices that tend to go on with digital comics. Likewise – something made for digital shouldn’t necessarily be made for print. They are different markets in my mind.

7. What don’t you like about digital comics?

That there is little content developed specifically for digital. Most digital comics are conversions from print comics – just reformatted and authored.

8. What digital comics/webcomics do you read?

Most of the digital first comics on ComiXology especially the Infinite series by Marvel, the comics on Mark Waid’s Thrillbent site, Monkeybrain and Madefire’s comics, most things by Sarah Ellerton, …sheesh I could honestly go on for a while here.

9. Where do you see digital comics going from here?

I see more comics skating the edge of motion comics – similar to what Madefire’s comics have been doing – though I think things will be scaled back a bit given the cost involved in producing content that immersive. I think more people will be taking advantage of storytelling techniques only digital can deliver, and we will see an influx of indie digital content in the various comic apps – especially with the “Submit” area of ComiXology now in Beta.

10. Who do you think we should look out for in digital comics?

Too many people to name. I think many of the former Zuda guys as that place was a birthing ground of people with digital comics on the brain. I think the Madefire people and Thrillbent folk are trying new things. I really want to see more comics using tools like what DeepComix and even Comicbookthinktank are creating.

“10 Questions With” is to be a interview session with digital comics creators – there’s a lot of great people I’ve got lined up and I hope you enjoy seeing what the creators are interested in.


If you are a digital creator and am interested in participating, please contact me!

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