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Latest releases from Cloud 9 Comix for Wednesday, November 7, 2012

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Winter City #4
Writers: Patrick Purcell & Carl Purcell
Pencils/Inks: Pablo Verdugo Munoz
Colors: David Aravena Riquelme
Genre: Crime, Drama
Language: English
Format: Full color, 26 pages
Price: $0.99
Publisher: Winter City Productions

Winter City is a twelve part, suspenseful, thrilling crime drama that takes the reader deep into the damaged mind of a psychopathic vigilante and uncovers the truth behind his twisted quest for revenge.







Piston #1
Story/Colors: Thonie Wilson
Pencils/Inks: Miguel Barriga
Genre: Superhero, Action
Language: English
Format: Full color, 32 pages
Price: $0.99
Publisher: DeadNemo

“In a small corner of the city the locals call Underdog; is a beat up, run down town called Junkyard Distract. The Nomads; an awesomely violent street gang are moving in, and there is only one man standing in their way… of course when I say man, I mean genetically altered being with enough firepower to blow the fraggin’ moon… I like to call him the Firedouche”
-Love Lemon






Foreign Matter #3
Writer/Creator: Martin John
Artist/Creator: German Ponce
Grey tones: Fico Ossio
Genre: Superhero, Action
Format: Black & white, 24 pages
Price: $0.99
Publisher: Martin John

Foreign Matter is an action/adventure/mystery mini series starring the Champion Coalition, a UN sponsored team of superheros striving to protect the innocent.

In Issue #3: Someone close to the Champion Coalition has been murdered. The mystery begins as the team frays at the edges, and one of them comes under suspicion. Meanwhile, Salma, a newly undead girl, finds out just what it means to be dead.






Broken #1
Writer: Mark Bertolini
Artist: Allen Byrns
Genre: Crime
Language: English
Format: Full color, 26 pages
Price: $0.99
Publisher: 215 Ink

Broken is the story of Quinn Baker, orphaned by violence at a young age. After his parents are murdered in a seedy back alley, Quinn is taken in by a career criminal and mob enforcer named Big Mike, who teaches him the survival skills necessary to live in the criminal underworld. As he gets older, growing up in the shadow of Big Mike and his criminal lifestyle, Quinn begins to put together a plan of his own. What Big Mike doesn’t know can most definitely hurt him.






Cobble Hill #1
>Writer: Jeremy Holt
Artist: Selena Goulding
Genre: Mystery
Language: English
Format: Full color, 28 pages
Price: $0.99
Publisher: 215 Ink

A coming of age tale of 17 year old Samantha Charles–sole heir to her family’s fortune after the sudden and mysterious disappearance of her beloved parents. As a privileged but lonely kid, she is accompanied by the unwanted friendship of various inanimate objects that speak to her in cryptic messages, which eventually reveal her historical town’s deepest and darkest secrets.







The Kitchen Witch #2
Writers: Steve Orlando
Pencils/Inks: Olivia Pelaez
Colors: Heather Breckel
Letters: Matty Ryan
Genre: Fantasy, All Ages
Language: English
Format: Full color, 26 pages
Price: $0.99
Publisher: 215 Ink

The Kitchen Witch is for every boy who idolizes his dad. Kevin can’t wait to see his dad’s new restaurant- Traddiodad. The night before the opening, he sneaks down to the kitchen, and enters the fantastic world within its walls. There, the Gremlin Lord has stolen his secret family ingredient. To get it back, Kevin and Lovis, the Kitchen Witch, battle their way through towering mouse beasts, bacteria bandits, and fruit flywaymen. Kevin wants to make his dad proud, but the ingredient is a secret, even to him. Lovis and the Gremlin Lord stalemate in the Hanging Cast-Iron Islands, but Kevin discovers the truth of the secret ingredient and banishes the Gremlin Lord. Through his adventure, Kevin finds true treasure- a connection with his dad.

The Kitchen Witch is an adventure combining Scandinavian folklore with raw childhood imagination and emotion. A Manhattan kitchen’s geography becomes a fantasy landscape. Hanging pots become floating iron islands, grills become steaming ore fields- a new Narnia garnished with culinary flourishes. Contemporary issues frame the narrative as Kevin’s dad struggles with single-parenting. Kevin wants to help his dad more than anything, which carries him through his own personal wondertale. This is the distillation of childhood, when the fantastic still waits around any corner.

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