Previews From Madefire: The Irons, Mono & More

Madefire have released some preview images of their upcoming titles! – Click the images to see more from Madefire.

Get your reading finger ready–next week we’re porting you back to The Irons for Episode 3, where Leto catches a lead on the Hijacker case. You’ll have to wait and see if that ends up being a good or bad thing for her…And in the next several weeks there’s much more Madefire hitting your iPhone and iPad: like everyone’s favorite ape-human hybrid assassin, new characters from Treatment: Tokyo and Houses of the Holy, and a special holiday story written by Liam Sharp and illustrated by David Lupton.

The Irons, Episode 3 cover. By Haden Blackman and Gary Erskine.

The Irons, Episode 3: Saule scans the database for a suspect.

The Irons, Episode 3: And Leto chases him down.

MONO, Episode 3: Mono “invites” himself in.

MONO, Episode 3: Mono does his thing–wreaks havoc.

Houses of the Holy, Episode 1: You met Magda in the Prologue; now get ready to meet Ustrel.

Houses of the Holy, Episode 1: You’ll also find out how Magda came to be who she is.

Death and the Myrmidon: A cheeky holiday story by Liam Sharp.

Death and the Myrmidon: Pantagruel (L) and Death (R) share a pint.

Treatment: Tokyo, Episode 2: The Japan team unleashes hell on two wheels.

Treatment: Tokyo, Episode 2: New Yakuza characters, same old trouble.

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