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Published on: November 20, 2012

I don’t who – but someone’s going to be upset and kick off about this – whatever happens.

Either retailers/print people will complain about digital or visa versa!

Last week Bleeding Cool pointed out that DC titles were available through ComiXology on Wednesday at 9am GMT, 4am ET and 1am PT. We thought it may have been an error. It wasn’t.

It coincides with DC’s decision to distribute individual comic titles through Kindle, Nook and the like, and the coinciding of distribution titles across all platforms, including ComiXology. And since that is the time that these new platforms update, so everyone updates at that time, all able to sell the comics simultaneously.

Unless you are a West Coast retailer, then you have to wait ten hours or so.

Naturally retailers have been rather concerned about this change and have been expressing their concer. DC Comics have let it be known that a letter to the direct market is imminent addressing the issue – and even changing what retailers can or cannot do as a result.

This suggests the possibility that Tuesday-arrival stores may be allowed to sell comics on the Tuesday, rather than wait for the Wednesday. Or that universal digital sales may change to Thursday early morning rather than Wednesday early morning.

Or something else.

Expect news soon…

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