Review: 2000AD – Prog 1809

2000AD continues on (as always!) and we’ve got some nice interconnecting story with the universe of Judge Dredd in the cold deck. These have ramifications with The Simping Detective and Low Life!

2000ad continues to ensure its titles stand out in the news stand – and this is no exception, with some excellent use of the red background and the ‘simping’ foreground!

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As our highlight story we get to the main lead story – Cold Deck with Judge Dredd reporting to the chief judge and we get an idea of Bachmann is up to and how she is doing it! There is some nice set up here and things seem to not be going well for Dredd and the rest – I can only see it getting worse before it gets better, so there’s still going to be a wall to climb in this for Dredd.

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Low Life continues with Dirty Frank having flashbacks and showing in the end why he is so good for Wally Squad. The style between the flash backs and present day are subtle, but there enough to stop any confusion. Dirty Frank continues to be one of my favorite characters and I look forward to seeing more of him. The supporting cast in this issue also deserve a special mention as they are so varied!

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The story behind Hammerstein’s Return To Earth takes an excellent twist in ABC Warriors this week, with the revelations of last week we move on to a very old school part of 2000ad history, but now with new eyes! The change in the art style and the writing made this an excellent read.

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Brass Sun continues to be an excellent advert for 2000AD. This new series showcases why it needs to be picked up, with a glaring change of pace to the other titles in the comics. The art and colours are superb and we start to get wheels within wheels here as Wren continues her quest and learning new things about the worlds!

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And we’re back with Wally Squad, but at a different angle with The Simping Detective – this is closer to the ‘home’ story of Dredd than Low Life, but still adds to the whole! The darkness in the art matches the story and the colouring mid way makes the sequence all the better. The cliffhanger with the Judges Black – Ops will bring you back!

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