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Published on: November 13, 2012


Two popular underground musicians (Lex & Cal) modify their electronic instruments and gear, allowing them to recreate any event in history. Through a combination of music, technology, particle theory, altered states, and a bit of the old ultra-violence, they begin to unravel the ugly truths of recorded history – proving that many “conspiracy theories” are fact.

This is something a little different. With a very clever way of dealing with time travel we get an excellent story with some set parameters.

This is a set up issue, but it still throws you into the story as Lex & Cel ‘photocopy’ time and jump into a weird and fascinating tale of sheeple and sound weapons!

The art is brilliant, with an excellent use of colours where even the vivid colours used make a dark and grim tidings when needed. There are some excellent scenes here which add to the character of the story!

The writing is well paced, with no jarring changes and everything fits in very well with the overreaching story and the immediate issues. The characters are well rounded and defined in this initial issue and make a good team.

What we have here is a very clever story which works on multiple levels – the fun of the story and action and the deeper science and conspiracy theories.

Not only is this a well rounded comic – as a comic – but combined with this is a game for iOS and music too!

On top of all that is an excellent blog and research page with information on what is mentioned in the comics and a process of what is happening. This is a real social comic!

Overall – what you get is a good length issue #1 which puts you in all the right places, asking questions and looking forward to learning about #2.

Time Samplers will be available through their website and hopefully soon by other sites too!

Look out for a “10 Questions With…” Q&A with the creator too on 3 Million Years!

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