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DriveThruComics have released their latest digital comics available to download from the website!

It has been a crazy-busy week here, filled with all kinds of new comics and new publishers joining up. Plenty of awesome reads waiting for you to scoop ’em up! I’ve featured a number of them below and you can check out the New Release list for the latest updates!

We’ve added a several new titles to the Now in Print section as well, which just might make a perfect gift for that someone who has everything from bigger publishers already! Note, that if you are thinking about getting some of these awesome print titles for gifts, I’d recommend ordering them soon! They take a few days to print and few more days to ship, so time is running out!

Over at our sister-site, we’ve a very cool event going on called Teach Your Kids to Game Week! We’ve collected some of the best RPGs for gaming with kids and are featuring a number of essays, articles and reviews from members of the community.

Read on for new comics and other goodies!

Free Product of the Week

Free weekly productWalter Koenig’s Things to Come #0
by Blue Water Productions

Check out this new series from Star Trek’s Walter Koenig.

Two hundred years after the apocalypse the human race, buried in the bowels of the earth, is a few tortured breaths from extinction. It offers up one last gift to the poisoned surface and the mutant life forms that survive there; a new species.

Up until now the creatures of fiction, these new beings must determine the purpose of their being. Are they only the violent spawn of mankind’s evil doomed to a soulless eternity, or the progenitors of a better, more hopeful world?

Is it possible for them to tear the throats from their prey, drink the blood, and still pray to god?

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Other Featured Titles

Featured TitlePOW-BAM-SELL – The Guide To Comic Book Marketing
by Happy Family Media

So you just published your first comic book.

Now what do you do?

This is a problem all comic creators face, not just you. Let Matt (Matman) Herring, co host of the Secret Identity Podcast help you plan your marketing strategy to help you reach a mass audience. From covers and book quality, to setting up for a show, this book is a must read for those looking to make the comic industry their profession.

“Matt is one of the most positive people I’ve met in my 15 years of comics.” – Joe Kelly (co – creator of Ben 10 and writer of Superman, X-Men, JLA and I Kill Giants)

“Buy this book or I will come to your house and beat you within an inch of your life.” – Jimmy Palmiotti (writer of Jonah Hex and so many other awesome books)

“If you ever wished you could get marketing insight from every comic creator out there, now you can. Matman has organized all the best tricks of the trade in one handy guide.” – Chris Giarrusso (creator of G – Man and the guy who put the mini in Mini Marvels)

$12.00 $6.00

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Featured TitleSoul Stealer: Collector’s Edition
by Black Watch Comics

Named “Graphic Novel of The Year” by Ain’t in Cool News in 2011, SOUL STEALER is a graphic tale of horror and fantasy that follows the pieced-together, Frankenstein-like hero, Kalan, on his infinite, centuries-spanning search for his eternal love, the beautiful if fatally elusive Oxania.

SOUL STEALER: THE COLLECTOR’S EDITION reflects the nine-year collaboration of best selling writer, Michael Easton (THE GREEN WOMAN) and acclaimed illustrator, Christopher Shy (DEAD SPACE).

This large format publication is 536 full-color pages of lush imagery, including 100 pages of new art, and all three volumes of the award-winning saga: The Beaten and the Damned, Blood and Rain, andLast to Die.



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Featured TitleGeek-Girl #0
by Actuality Press

16 pages, b&w. Written by Sam Johnson, illustrated by Sally Stone-Thompson, published by Actuality Press.When ‘Little Miss Popular’ Ruby Kaye lands a pair of super-tech glasses (invented by brainiac college geek Trevor Goldstein) in a game of Strip Poker, she’s granted flight, super-strength, and – due to a flaw in the glasses’ programming – super-klutziness!

And this is just the beginning of the changes the glasses will wreak on Ruby…

“An excellent example of how a debut issue should be done.” The Early Bird Special.

$2.50 $1.00

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Laptop Guy

Follow the adventures of this bizarre and funny character, what starts off as a series of one page gags soon turns into a social comedy where LTG meets his maker. Brought to you buy Sha Nazir and Jack Lothian, the ongoing adventures of LTG are just going to keep getting weirder and funnier!

Laptop Guy #1 is now available from Black Hearted Press!

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Holy Bible

This timely collection of stories reminds us how deeply men’s images fill religious traditions worldwide. Dr. Walter Greason (Department of History, Monmouth University) and Jiba Molei Anderson created The Holy Bible: Dignity & Divinity to ask two fundamental questions:

How would familiar tales like the Garden of Eden and the Nativity differ if the women in the stories were the central characters?  

Can we understand women as being as divine as men, if we shift our perspectives on our religious values?  

The Holy Bible: Dignity & Divinity presents an important revelation about the universal power religion retains in the twenty-first century.  

Where commerce often takes center stage through a secular understanding of the holidays, these portraits remind readers that humility, piety, introspection, and integrity hold unique power to inspire a cynical world.

The Holy Bible: Dignity & Divinity is available now from Griot Enterprises.

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Fantastic Realms

Create Your Own Fantastic Realms!

An arduous journey leads you to a hilltop. Before you stretches a land of castles filled with noble knights, elven warriors and fearsome goblins and gargoyles. At your feet lies a book…

Within its pages you will discover the secrets to sketching, drawing and coloring wondrous worlds – realms filled with creatures friendly and foul, beautiful princesses and stealthy magic-users, ancient ruins and dragons’ lairs.

Begin your journey by following the steps within, which will guide you from simple sketches to fully colored works of art. Take heart, brave traveler, for you’ll be aided in your quest by:

  • Texture and coloring keys that show you exactly how to create dozens of different effects
  • A brainstorming game that, with a roll of the dice, allows you to mix and match character, creature and scene characteristics

But beware, friend: Along the way, you will be powerless to resist the temptation to explore the strange and twisted detours of your own utterly original imaginings. Wield your pencil bravely – so begins your adventure…

30+ step-by-step demonstrations make it easy to create your own fantastic worlds!

  • The Characters: Human or elf, fighter or princess … learn to outfit your characters with specialized clothing, weaponry and magical items, and tell their tales with dynamic gesture and motion.
  • The Creatures: Evoke dragons, demons, griffins and other edgy beasts of your own twisted imaginings, with special attention to key details that make them look regal or demented.
  • The Settings: Construct convincing environments that set the tone and atmosphere of your story, be it a mysterious tower, ancient ruins or a peaceful village.

Fantasic Realms is available now from F+W Media!

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Pick of the Week

Pick of the WeekLost Raven
by Blue Water Productions

After learning that he has contracted the HIV virus, attorney Zak Raven leaves his practice behind to set forth on a mission of relaxation-– until his peaceful trip goes wildly astray, leaving Zak shipwrecked on what he thinks is a deserted island with only the words in his own journal to keep him company.

Unknown to Zak, four miles below the surface secretly hides a government experimentation center where scientists are playing God by trying to artificially evolve a human based species that can survive evacuation missions in deep space.

Within 900 years, earth will be dealt a deathblow by a mountain-size asteroid. However, so far they have only achieved creating living abominations.

Zak and these creatures are on a collision course, and he must rise to the challenge!

$11.99 $5.99

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New at

Year’s End: 14 Tales of Holiday Horror

Year's EndThe countdown has begun, but the only thing striking at midnight will be terror… 

New Year’s Eve isn’t all champagne and confetti. For some, it’s filled with regrets, the changing of the day dragging them kicking and screaming into a year for which they aren’t prepared. This year, some people will be screaming, but they may not make it to the New Year at all. 

Join 14 horror authors as they reveal the dark side of our end-of-year celebrations. This anthology of a holiday gone horrifyingly wrong contains stories by James S. Dorr, Richard Godwin, Nicky Peacock, John Stewart Wynne, Steve Shrott, Leah Givens, George Seaton, Kathryn Ohnaka, Jeremy K. Tyler, Betsy Miller, Byron Barton, Steve Bartholomew, Ali Maloney and Foxglove Lee.

Year’s End: 14 Tales of Holiday Horror is available now at!

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Newest Free Products

10th Muse #0
by Blue Water Productions

Greek mythology has documented the nine Muses, the inspirational daughters of the almighty Zeus. But history forgot one – the Tenth Muse. Emma, Brett, and Dawn were the best of friends – until Emma disappeared, leaving only a note saying goodbye. Now, ei…

Secret Identity Podcast Issue #479–Amazing Spider-Man (With Spoilers)
by Secret Identity

Download Location of the Week: Springfield, MA Feedback ReviewsAmazing Spider-Man #698Masks #1Red She Hulk #58Action Comics #14Red Hood and the Outlaws #13 Out of the Longbox:Captain America and the Falcon #209 Send comments to O…

Vincent Price Presents #0
by Blue Water Productions

Check out the series that started it all in this all new story featuring one of Mr Price’s classics… Last Man on Earth. One of classic Hollywood’s most famous scary men, Vincent Price made a name for himself in classic mysteries and thrillers thro…



Newest Products

Paparazzi #4
by Blue Water Productions
Price: $1.99

How do you deal with a spoiled superstar diva? Take away the limelight and give it to Superheroes, but in the final issue of Bluewater’s slightly naughty epic , Nikki Daywood isn’t having it.  She’s determined to get back into the limelight at any cos…

Paparazzi #3
by Blue Water Productions
Price: $1.99

It’s really hit the fan now! Superstar Paparazzo Glenn Campbell finds himself barely hanging onto life as it soon becomes clear to him that if you mess with fire, getting burned is only the least of your worries. Meanwhile, on the other side of town, Ni…

Paparazzi #2
by Blue Water Productions
Pr ice: $1.99

One superhero shot himself in the head while another gave a lesbian kiss to one of the biggest pop stars in the world, and it’s only Tuesday! TODAY magazine editor Sara Michaels continues her quest to track down the Superheroes of L.A. and make their live…

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