Comixology: The Walking Dead #106, Son of Merlin #1, Shadowman #3 and More!

Here are this weeks digital comics available from Comixology.

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New Releases | January 9, 2013
New Releases. Read The Walking Dead #106, Son of Merlin #1, Shadowman #3 and More!

Read The Walking Dead #106, Son of Merlin #1 and Shadowman #3

NOV120585_2_m.jpg NOV120633_2_m.jpg NOV120178_2_m.jpg OCT120924_2_m.jpg OCT120303_2_m.jpg
The Walking Dead #106 BuyNowNewsletterButton.png
Superior Spider-Man #1 BuyNowNewsletterButton.png
Action Comics (2011-) #16 BuyNowNewsletterButton.png
Adventure Time #11 BuyNowNewsletterButton.png
Sweet Tooth #40 BuyNowNewsletterButton.png
NOV121094_1_m.jpg NOV121340_2_m.jpg DEC120513_2_m.jpg NOV120170_2_m.jpg NOV120324_2_m.jpg
Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files #1: Ghoul Goblin BuyNowNewsletterButton.png
Shadowman (2012-) #3: Digital Exclusives Edition BuyNowNewsletterButton.png
Son of Merlin #1 BuyNowNewsletterButton.png
Green Arrow (2011-) #16 BuyNowNewsletterButton.png
Mars Attacks Kiss #1 BuyNowNewsletterButton.png
NOV120673_2_m.jpg NOV120228_2_m.jpg OCT111285_1_m.jpg SEP120905_2_m.jpg NOV120696_2_m.jpg
Cable and X-Force #3 BuyNowNewsletterButton.png
Animal Man (2011-) #16 BuyNowNewsletterButton.png
Grimm Fairy Tales: The Library BuyNowNewsletterButton.png
Higher Earth #7 BuyNowNewsletterButton.png
Thunderbolts Vol. 2 #3 BuyNowNewsletterButton.png
NOV120983_3_m.jpg NOV120564_2_m.jpg SEP120323_m.jpg NOV120202_2_m.jpg NOV120474_2_m.jpg
Supurbia: Ongoing #3 BuyNowNewsletterButton.png
Legend of Luther Strode #2 (of 6) BuyNowNewsletterButton.png
Tales of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Vol. 1 BuyNowNewsletterButton.png
Detective Comics (2011-) #16 BuyNowNewsletterButton.png
Think Tank Military Dossier #1 BuyNowNewsletterButton.png
NOV120681_2_m.jpg NOV120387_1_m.jpg NOV120231_2_m.jpg OCT120772_1_m.jpg DIG002664_1_m.jpg
Fantastic Four Vol. 2 #3 BuyNowNewsletterButton.png
Transformers: Regeneration One #87 BuyNowNewsletterButton.png
Dial H (2012-) #8 BuyNowNewsletterButton.png
Mega Man #21 BuyNowNewsletterButton.png
All of Scrooge McDuck’s Millions #8: My Eight Million BuyNowNewsletterButton.png
FEB100912_1_m.jpg NOV120675_2_m.jpg NOV120223_2_m.jpg AUG090711_1_m.jpg NOV120963_2_m.jpg
Weathercraft BuyNowNewsletterButton.png
Avengers Arena #3 BuyNowNewsletterButton.png
Green Lantern: New Guardians (2011-): Annual #1 BuyNowNewsletterButton.png
Bart Simpson Comics #50 BuyNowNewsletterButton.png
Garfield #9 BuyNowNewsletterButton.png
NOV120174_2_m.jpg NOV120698_2_m.jpg DIG002831_2_m.jpg NOV120209_2_m.jpg NOV120972_2_m.jpg
Earth 2 (2012-) #8 BuyNowNewsletterButton.png
Thor: God of Thunder #4 BuyNowNewsletterButton.png
Arrow (2012-) #14 BuyNowNewsletterButton.png
Batwing (2011-) #16 BuyNowNewsletterButton.png
Bravest Warriors #4 (of 6) BuyNowNewsletterButton.png
NOV120252_2_m.jpg NOV120454_1_m.jpg NOV120224_m.jpg NOV120714_1_m.jpg ICO004853_2_m.jpg
Human Bomb (2012-) #2 (of 4) BuyNowNewsletterButton.png
Repossessed #1 (of 4) BuyNowNewsletterButton.png
The Phantom Stranger (2012-) #4 BuyNowNewsletterButton.png
Secret Avengers #36 BuyNowNewsletterButton.png
Kikaider Vol. 4 BuyNowNewsletterButton.png
NOV120229_2_m.jpg OCT120531_3_m.jpg NOV120746_1_m.jpg NOV120176_m.jpg NOV120576_1_m.jpg
Swamp Thing (2011-) #16 BuyNowNewsletterButton.png
Mind the Gap #7 BuyNowNewsletterButton.png
Wolverine and the X-Men #23 BuyNowNewsletterButton.png
Worlds’ Finest (2012-) #8 BuyNowNewsletterButton.png
Point of Impact #4 (of 4) BuyNowNewsletterButton.png
DIG002670_m.jpg JUN120795_1_m.jpg NOV120299_2_m.jpg JUL121017_2_m.jpg NOV120692_2_m.jpg
Dilbert Vol. 17: Excuse Me While I Wag BuyNowNewsletterButton.png
Rust Vol. 2: Secrets in the Cell BuyNowNewsletterButton.png
Fairest #11 BuyNowNewsletterButton.png
Army of Darkness: Ongoing #8 BuyNowNewsletterButton.png
X-Men: Legacy Vol. 2 #4 BuyNowNewsletterButton.png
DIG002530_1_m.jpg OCT120433_1_m.jpg SEP120514_2_m.jpg OCT120387_1_m.jpg NOV120448_1_m.jpg
Memorial: Imaginary Fiends #8 (of 9) BuyNowNewsletterButton.png
Battle Beasts Vol. 1 BuyNowNewsletterButton.png
Non Humans #2 (of 4) BuyNowNewsletterButton.png
G.I. Joe: Snake Eyes & Storm Shadow Vol. 1 BuyNowNewsletterButton.png
End Times of Bram & Ben #1 (of 4) BuyNowNewsletterButton.png
OCT120365_3_m.jpg NOV120375_2_m.jpg DIG002854_1_m.jpg NOV120548_2_m.jpg NOV120410_2_m.jpg
Godzilla: Ongoing #8 BuyNowNewsletterButton.png
G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #186 BuyNowNewsletterButton.png
Space: 1999 – Classics Remastered #6 BuyNowNewsletterButton.png
Clone #3 BuyNowNewsletterButton.png
Jinnrise #1 (of 6): The Director’s Cut BuyNowNewsletterButton.png
NOV120242_2_m.jpg NOV120713_1_m.jpg OCT120403_2_m.jpg NOV120351_2_m.jpg NOV120353_2_m.jpg
Stormwatch (2011-) #16 BuyNowNewsletterButton.png
Ultimate Comics X-Men #21 BuyNowNewsletterButton.png
Kiss #7 BuyNowNewsletterButton.png
Popeye #9 BuyNowNewsletterButton.png
Popeye Classics #6 BuyNowNewsletterButton.png
NOV120363_1_m.jpg NOV120559_2_m.jpg NOV120385_3_m.jpg DIG002705_1_m.jpg ICO004690_3_m.jpg
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Color Classics #7 BuyNowNewsletterButton.png
Guarding the Globe Vol. 2 #5 BuyNowNewsletterButton.png
Transformers: Robots In Disguise #13 BuyNowNewsletterButton.png
The Hunchback of Notre Dame BuyNowNewsletterButton.png
Sandman Mystery Theatre (1993-1999) #13 BuyNowNewsletterButton.png
AUG120748O_1_m.jpg NOV120421_3_m.jpg NOV120547_2_m.jpg SEP120502_3_m.jpg SEP120515_2_m.jpg
Cerebus Vol. 2 #15: High Society BuyNowNewsletterButton.png
Womanthology: Space #4 BuyNowNewsletterButton.png
Change #2 (of 4) BuyNowNewsletterButton.png
Hack/Slash #22 BuyNowNewsletterButton.png
Peter Panzerfaust #8 BuyNowNewsletterButton.png
NOV120709_1_m.jpg JUN090848_1_m.jpg JUN120570_2_m.jpg AUG120531_2_m.jpg NOV120402_1_m.jpg
Scarlet Spider #13 BuyNowNewsletterButton.png
Zorro #15 BuyNowNewsletterButton.png
Savage Dragon #184 BuyNowNewsletterButton.png
Supreme #68 BuyNowNewsletterButton.png
Adventures of Augusta Wind #3 BuyNowNewsletterButton.png
SEP120487_2_m.jpg NOV120749_1_m.jpg SEP100307_4_m.jpg ICO004987_2_m.jpg NOV120408_2_m.jpg
Artifacts #24 BuyNowNewsletterButton.png
Age of Apocalypse #11 BuyNowNewsletterButton.png
Hellblazer #273 BuyNowNewsletterButton.png
Green Lantern (1976-1986) #188 BuyNowNewsletterButton.png
The Hollows #2 (of 4) BuyNowNewsletterButton.png
MAR110585_2_m.jpg OCT120667_1_m.jpg NOV120417_2_m.jpg NOV120719_1_m.jpg OCT120388_1_m.jpg
Infinite Vacation #5 (of 5) BuyNowNewsletterButton.png
First X-Men #5 (of 5) BuyNowNewsletterButton.png
Joe Palooka #2 (of 6) BuyNowNewsletterButton.png
Marvel Universe vs. Avengers #4 (of 4) BuyNowNewsletterButton.png
G.I. Joe / Transformers Vol. 2 BuyNowNewsletterButton.png
NOV120721_1_m.jpg OCT120642_1_m.jpg MAY120786_1_m.jpg JAN100698_1_m.jpg AUG120747_1_m.jpg
Punisher: Nightmare #2 (of 5) BuyNowNewsletterButton.png
Punisher: War Zone #3 (of 5) BuyNowNewsletterButton.png

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