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DriveThruComics have released their latest digital comics available for you to download!

Today I’d like to put one of our publishers in the spotlight. Markosia Enterprises, Ltd. has been listing comics like The Lexian Chronicles,Dark Mists and Midnight Kiss with us for a number of years. Recently, they added several titles to their catalog here at DriveThruComics, which I’ve done a publisher spotlight on below. We are thrilled to have more Markosia comics on our site and hope you’ll enjoy these and upcoming comics from Markosia.

In other comics news, we’d like to mention that the Evil Inc. Monthly series by Brad Guigar continues to roll on with Road Trip (Jan 2013). Evil Inc. is a corporation run for super-villains by super-villains. What could possibly go wrong? Top Cow’s Think Tank series continues with theMilitary Dossier, which is a look into the classified personnel files of slacker genius Dr. David Loren and all the other characters! Hound Comics has a new issue of the Brimstone & the Borderhounds series available now as well. Check out Issue #7: Incusion today!

For more new comics, check out our New Release page. If you’re hoping to find out what’s popular, don’t forget you can always visit our Top 100 page, too.

A final note, since many of you are gamers out there, too: our sister site, is having one of its biggest sales of the year. New Year, New Game offers a digital selection of core RPGs for 40% off. You can even find a few of these titles right here on DriveThruComics! Get in on the super hero action in Green Ronin’s Mutants and Masterminds, explore the Known World in the Artesia RPG from Archaia Entertainment, play con artists and criminals in Margaret Weis Productions’ Leverage RPG and more!

Free Comic of the Week

Free weekly productStyx & Stone #0
by Blue Water Productions

Upon returning from South Africa, Detective Mel Stone was put on medical leave after he was found almost dead on the cargo ship he was on with no explanation and almost no memory of what happened to him.

Now, he’s back on the force with his new partner investigating a string of gruesome campus murders. On the surface, everything is back to normal, but in reality, Stone is back with an added bonus; he’s sharing his body with the career criminal and murder James Wyatt.

This free issue is the perfect introduction into the world of Styx & Stone!

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Other Featured Comic Titles

Featured TitleLayer Zero – TPB. (Insomnia & Time)
by Insomnia Publications Ltd

Layer Zero is Insomnia Publications critically acclaimed anthology and is fast becoming a bit of a springboard to comics stardom, with some of the creators who have seen their work in the anthology having gone on to some impressive things.

Cy Dethan and Paul Green landed work on the Starship Troopers license, and Paul also now draws the smash hit Flash Gordon, Thomas Mauer has worked for just about every indie publisher you could name, and has since gone on to co-run Kingdom comics at Disney.

Several of the Layer Zero creators have been signed up for work as writers or artists on full length graphic novels and mini series with a number of publishers.

This book contains some of the first ever published work by these creators.

Layer Zero TPB collects Layer Zero #1 & 2 (Insomnia & Time).

$19.99 $5.00

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Featured TitleThe Standard #1
by ComixTribe

The Standard #1

Over 40 years ago, mild-mannered scientist Gilbert Graham became The Standard, the world’s first real life superhero. When he retired, Alex Thomas – formerly The Standard’s sidekick, Fabu-Lad – took on the mantle in his place, transforming The Standard from superhero to celebrity. But somewhere amidst all the sponsorship deals and reality TV shows, Alex lost sight of what Gilbert created The Standard to represent. Now, a young girl is missing, and The Standard has promised to find her. Can Alex Thomas become a hero once more? Or does fate have other plans for The Standard?

The Standard is the story of two different men from two different eras who share the same heroic legacy. In the past, The Standard was the world’s greatest superhero. Today, he is a celebrity with his own reality TV show. But when a catastrophic event brings the two generations into collision, The Standard is forced to ask if superheroes still have a place in today’s cynical world. The Standard is a six-part superhero miniseries written by John Lees and drawn by Jonathan Rector.

$3.99 $1.99

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Featured TitleLionsgate Pictures Presents: Leprechaun #1
by Blue Water Productions

From the cult film from Lionsgate. This is the tale of Lubdan, the king and sole survivor of the Leprechaun. The last of the Leprechauns!

A treasure dealer stumbles across his pot of gold and steals it. In this modern age, he finds buyers all over the planet through on-line auctions. Lubdan finds the thief after the gold is shipped to humans across the globe. Lubdan’s quest takes him all over the planet, across time and space.

Battling greed, the genocidal Cluracan and new mystical adversaries, Lubdan must save all life to save himself…but not without taking lives!

$3.99 $1.99

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Featured TitleDarkness #109
by Top Cow


Jackie Estacado has made a lot of enemies, but he has no idea how powerful the gangster Balakov has become.

Without the Darkness at his command, will Jackie be able to protect his family?

DAVID HINE (THE DARKNESS: FOUR HORSEMEN, THE BULLETPROOF COFFIN) and JEREMY HAUN (ARTIFACTS, Detective Comics) conclude their second story arc that will question everything you think you know about the Top Cow universe.


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AAM Markosia

Founded in 2005, Markosia Enterprises Ltd is a multi-faceted publishing company specializing in sequential story-telling. This week we’re going to take a look at some of the newest comics Markosia has available at DriveThruComics!

The Interactives #1

The Interactives #1

The public are obsessed with reality and the creatures from fantasy fiction fear extinction.

Dragons, giants, orcs, goblins and trolls one by one they’re all breaking through from The Realm to The Real.

War is coming to Britain and only geek blogger scallywag and his online followers stand in their way. Let your imagination run wild and get ready for some inter action…

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Beowulf: The Graphic Novel

Before Lord of the Rings, before Conan, there was BEOWULF! The Viking warrior must defeat the ogre Grendel and his vengeful mother before facing the fire-breathing dragon that will spell his doom.

This stunning graphic novel captures the power and majesty of the greatest sword and sorcery hero of them all!

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Haven #1

Haven #1

The Dante family line has been in the fires of an ancient war between humanity and the nine circles of hell for generations.

As a self-proclaimed “Aristocracy”, the circles have now set their sights on the one chosen to fight the raging war …Haven Irena Dante.

But soon after the tragic death of her mother, Haven endures the vile theft of her innocence and disappears…No one has seen or heard from her in two years. Until now…

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A zombie anthology spanning time and space, with stories from pre-historic Earth, the Roman Empire, World War 1, Future Earth, Aliens and more!

Aliens land on planet Earth in our not-too-distant future and find a desolate planet. In order to discover what caused the devastation the aliens enter a museum and are able to look into Earth’s past using the artifacts on display.

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Baby Boomers

Baby Boomers

Meet Callie and Gus, two seemingly ordinary babies. Cute and adorable, sweet and innocent. That is until their mother’s backs are turned at which point all hell… I mean HECK breaks loose.

Join them as they battle each other around the world in a number of separate tales including a Ben Hur style stroller race of destruction and a trip to the vets complete with John Woo hamster action.

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Pick of the Week

Pick of the WeekDr. Goyle #1
by Hound Comics

A mysterious force batters a distant tropical island, and Dr Goyle is called in to investigate. Could the disappearance of the island’s banana groves possibly be linked to the to the 1963 flight of America’s favorite space chimp, Sparky? Action, comedy, and monkeys await Dr Goyle!


Dr Goyle is the crime fighting, monster battling, super sleuth of Sittyville. Formerly Garindan, an ancient sorcerer, Dr Goyle came to his present situation through the result of one of his own spells, and the use of a pocket mirror by one of his foes. Unable to return to his former human state, Garindan chose to improve his knowledge, and combat his foes with brains and brawn. Dr Goyle is there when evil rears its ugly heads!

$5.00 $3.99

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New at

When Dragons Are Outlawed, Only Outlaws Will Have Dragons

DragonsFire exploded right in front of Holly as the Shellpoint Inn went up in a flash. The young veterinarian raised her cloak to protect her face and quickly ducked into the alley at her back. The flames roared past, but the intense heat still scorched her exposed skin; the acrid tang of her frizzing hair filled the winter morning air.  The small dragon perched on Holly’s shoulder cooed; it loved fire.

It seemed as though the whole town  was burning now.  Holly smudged tears from her eyes and dashed toward the far end of the alley, a single thought screaming in her mind as she ran:  How did we ever let it come to this?

Stephen D. Sullivan has written dozens of novels and stories in the fantasy, SF, adventure, horror, and detective genres. Very few of them are intentionally allegorical.

Walkabout Publishing has several of Stephen D. Sullivan eBooks available now at!

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Newest Free Products

Niki Batsprite #1 A pleasant responsibility
by Munia Edizioni

Inhabitants of Munia are able to feel people’s “percentage of goodness”. Niki Batsprite is a half good and half bad creature, and he’s the champion of acrobatic flight races. He’s forced to care of Moari, a sweet and lively r…

Secret Identity Podcast Issue #488–Spider-Man and Mars Attacks
by Secret Identity

Download Location of the Week: Bloemfontein, South Africa Feedback ReviewsAmazing Spider-Man #700Mars Attacks; PopeyeAvenging Spider-Man #15.1Vampirella Strikes #1 Out of the Longbox:Mars Attacks #1 Send comments OR leave us a…

Retrowood: The Daisy Chain
by Asylum Press

The environment is faux Depression-era Hollywood, complete with snarling gangsters in snappy suits, the untouchable wealthy, corruptible starlets in sleek revealing gowns, and elegantly designed automobiles set against the poverty and despair of the …



Newest Products

Think Tank Military Dossier
by Top Cow
Price: $3.99

Get an exclusive behind the scenes look into the process of the hottest new title form Minotaur Press! Hack into the classified personnel files of slacker genius Dr. David Loren and all the other characters you know and love from behind the concrete barri…

Artifacts #24
by Top Cow
Price: $3.99

Tom Judge knows the world around him is not the world that should exist. He also knows that Darkness bearer Jackie Estacado is responsible for perverting the universe. Tom is determined to confront Jackie to set things right, but first he will need Sara, …

JBD: The Devil’s Due #1
by Griot Enterprises
Price: $1.99

He rose up against those who oppressed his people. Using an image meant to denigrate a race, he united a people and created a mighty nation. Now, he must rise again to save the nation he created from the corruption within. The controversial mini-series …

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