Review: 2000AD – Prog 1816

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Published on: January 23, 2013


Here we are at prog 1816, and first a look at that cover. I quite like it! At first it looks a little bland, but when you look at it closer, it draws you in, and you see how dark and descriptive it is!

We start the prog with a Judge Dredd story which is told in flashback. Well crafted and with a brilliant sepia tone to it, it gives a good impression of flashback which 2000AD seems to do so well. It gives a story of part of the cleanup after Chaos Day and some usual Mega City One madness. This is a done in one story, so a good read!

Part 5 of book 8 of savage picks up where we left off, with a sniper with his eyes on Savage! This one gives more of a feel of the World War One trenches, rather than anything else! You get a feel of the tensions and feelings of the front line troops on both sides here!

Ampney Crucis has a sharp follow up to last weeks slower issue. Fast and with a good car chase scene. The lines of the speed and action work very well here, possibly interspersed with a betrayal!

In The Red Seas, we pretty much get all the pages of battle, with a good feel of the space of the battle – somehow open, yet cramped at the same time. All looks to be going well, until an unwanted addition joins the fray!

Johnny Alpha’s return and battles against the ‘norms continues here in an urban rebellion style, while Middenface gets banged up inside, so we get two separate points of view!

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