Review: Atomic Robo – Real Science Adventures

I’ve always thought that, with Atomic Robo, Red 5 Comics have created a great universe of characters over many decades.
Thankfully, Red 5 decided to do something about that!
This initial volume of ‘Real Science Adventures’ brings us not only some excellent Atomic Robo stories, but some of the characters we only get a brief look at as they were only supporting cast.
Published originally monthly as an anthology, this collection is now available digitally on the Comixology app online, on iOS and Android – as well as in print.


We start with ‘Bloop’ – a short Atomic Robo story with Robo investigating a strange sound from under the sea. There is some excellent art here which does well with not a lot to work with. The story flows well an finishes us off with something unexpected, but a great reveal.

‘City of Skulls’ picks up a thread from a previous Atomic Robo story – a thread that, from the original story, we didn’t know was hanging! The story is a logical extension from the original and even gives us the same moral feel from the original!

‘Daedalus Project’ makes us think we have a third Atomic Robo story (by now means a bad thing), but leads us into something else with a look at something potentially for the future. CLONES!

In ‘Leaping Metal Dragon’ we do get our third Atomic Robo story, but this feels different. There are some fight scenes, but with the help of guest star Bruce Lee, we get a different look at Robo – his motivations and his feelings.

I’m sure there’s a cameo from Jason Statham in ‘Monster Hunters’ were a team are tasked to …er…hunt…monsters! There’s a nice twist in the end here (which I won’t spoil) which bodes well for a possible future story.

‘Most Perfect Science Division’ stars Robots, but not the Atomic Robo! It’s only a few pages here, and it feels like a teaser for something bigger It’s a nice buffer though.

In ‘Once Upon a Time in China’ we get a nice story with a sweet ending. It harkens back to Robo in World War II and also to the future. The art style is very nice and suits the story.

‘Philadelphia Experiment’ gives a look at the shadowy science of the government which finishes with a good plot point that I would like to see in the future.

We get a different style in ‘Tesla’s Electric Sky Schooner’. The characters and the art are different with a cartoon cell style art and a selection of characters that I would like to see more of.

Atomic Robo shows his age in ‘The Dark Age’ while wandering into a comic shop and trying understand the market and comics we see today.

We get the return of a favourite of mine in ‘The Revenge of Dr Dinosaur’ and all I’m going to say is that it is a most heinous revenge….

Taking us back to 1944 in ‘To Kill a Sparrow’ we get an excellent spy story. With a cast of characters that could probably hold its own in a mini series!

As an addition we get the stories from Free Comic Book Day with Atomic Robo and Dr Dinosaur. Along with this you get a selection of pulp style covers from the monthly series with some in the style of Dick Tracy ad The Shadow.

In all this is an excellent collection of stories, which is well worth getting if you are a fan of Robo and his cast. I don’t think you need to have read any of the others here as they are standalone as you can get!



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